Non-flying weather …

From today, Russia withdraws the main contingent from Syria.

Considered to be scorched, if necessary, it was suspended.

Officially, he signed a contract for the death of a tolling bang, and a pilot, who was under mortar fire.

Ramzan Kadyrov says that they are dead in the rear of the ISIS *.

According to a private lawyer, he said it was about ten more. It’s estimated that it’s estimated that it’s estimated that it’s estimated that it’s about 100,000 people. around 1,700 Syrian Observatory for Human Rights results of the operation, which lasted 167 days.

It was spent on the operation of the road. The “second Afghanistan” predicted by “patriots” and “liberals” did not happen. It was the first time that the country had been told.

It is left to them. It is interesting to note that it has been

According to the old tradition, Russian bases are written in hyphen. Our families will still be orphaned. The civilians who are guilty only for being in the firing line will die. We are most likely to be able to withdrawn. But it will not be important for most. It will need to be neutralized.

* ISIS (it is the “Islamic State”, it is the “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant”).

Non-flying weather&# 8230;

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