Northern Bushcraft, Northern Bushcraft – A book on wildlife survival by Mors Kochanski.

natural conditions. He is considered one of the best specialists and craftsmen in the field of survival. Morse Kochansky popularized the term bushcraft after the publication of his book Northern Bushcraft in 1987.

Morse Kochanski was the first mentor of the British television journalist and writer Ray Mirs who subsequently continued to use and popularize the term bushcraft. Morse Kochansky himself is often quoted due to his famous saying. The more you know, the less you carry.


Fire itself, or rather booty, is the most useful and important skill in basic survival. Fire warms and dries, disinfects water and prepares food. Turns any place in the forest into a home. Having skills and knowledge in order to light a fire at any time is a prerequisite for survival in the wild..

Bowler hat.

A bowler hat is a necessary and important thing in the wild. It is useful for heating water, cooking, melting snow, digging land, picking berries and storing food. Drinking the right amount of safe water is essential to maintain health and reduce fatigue.

Microbes can be in any water, even in the most remote corners of northern forests. However, they are easy to kill by boiling. Boiling is the most effective and convenient way to disinfect water..


The most versatile and useful tool in the wild etiopor. First of all, due to its versatility and durability in the preparation of firewood, the manufacture of shelters and shelters and other useful items.

A knife is the smallest cutting tool that you can carry with you. Lightweight and unobtrusive, it will help to cope with a good hundred tasks that arise in the wild. Like fire, an ax and a knife are your assets..

Rope or cord.

Without a rope or cord, you cannot rotate the drill spindle to make fire or drill holes. Make loop traps and nets for fishing. It will be difficult for you to connect the branches of building a shelter, sled or boat. An important skill is the ability to make rope and improvised materials. For example, nettle or grass.

Shelters and shelters.

To make it so that you can have a good rest and sleep in comfort is a very great achievement and a useful skill when surviving in the wild. Appropriate weather shelter or shelter helps weather the weather. Allows you to use the heat of fire with greater efficiency.

The more you know about natural resources, the better you can use them. The more alternatives you have to adequately meet your daily needs for survival in the wild.

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