Nose fracture – first aid, consequences and rehabilitation

Well, suppose you had an annoying nuisance – a broken nose. Who knows why? Knocked about something. Or you just hit the nose. Who knows, here is your business. It is strictly speaking.

In fact, should be specialized; It is a fact that it’s not a problem. The most important help is in the case of the nose. It could be very important. If you’re a person who has lost his head, it’s almost a hundred percent concussion!

First aid for nose fracture and rehabilitation

It is a clear tilted forward. It is a blood sugar path. Therefore, protect it from this!

If it is the skin of the face, it must be processed. If there is nothing – at least rinse. Be sure to cover up with a cloth. Do not reset! Do not remove anything! If there is a bleeding from the nostrils, insert “rollers”, it’s not a matter of motivation, there’s no need for it. Source of cold. For example, ice. Or a bottle of cold water. Just be sure to wrap it up. And it can be very painful.

It’s a bit different. It should be carefully, but not carefully, but also carefully. Call the “ambulance” – what is the transportation, the right word. It is necessary to apply the cold water.

Peace and proper nutrition! Simple, trite, but it works. Be sure to add foods that contain calcium. For example, soy or sesame. Of course, milk and cottage cheese. Hazelnuts are healthy bread, dogrose tincture, fish, persimmon, green vegetables and green beans. You can drink vitamins or even beat.


Fracture of the nose, we note, is different. It can be closed, and can – open. With or without offset. Well, like any other fracture. The bone itself is damaged. With the bone fragments, they can escape through the blood loss. It is a simple way to find out what it really is. Plus, there may be blood due to rupture of the mucous. Open without bone debris protrudes.

The situation is a lot more serious. May be accompanied by respiratory disorders. It can be a nerve, it can be done. After all, the cartilage is completely elastic, perfectly adjusted.

It is getting stronger when touched. On the edema that is growing. On hematomas under the eyes and around the nose. On the bleeding from the nose, which is difficult to stop. On nasal discharge and nasal breathing difficulty. If you, however, didn’t have to know, you could’t have to do it.

To stop the nosebleeds – in the winter – snow. Turn your head to the side and tilt it back. The doctor will determine the extent of the fracture. Treatment, as a rule, is banal – painkillers are drunk. This is a reposition of the bones of the nose. If done within ten days after the injury. Otherwise, specific rhinoplasty will be required.

It was not clear that he had broken down. be in this case is a bug. However, who knows, was it not associated with sinusitis? So, if you run out of sin – no “cuckoos” and punctures. Only catheterization, only hardcore. Heals completely and completely.

The medicine

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