November 27 – Day of the Marine Corps of Russia. “Where we are, there is victory!”

Officers and sailors of the Armed Forces of Russia! Today is your holiday!

Revision LastDay Club congratulates you on your professional holiday. We wish you happiness, health, new victories, more glory! Happy Russian Marines Day!

It was the time when he was on the air. Received a fight with the Swedes.

On November 27 (November 16, 2010), the admiralty and coastal institutions of the Russian fleet.

The Gangutsky battle (1714) and the Northern War, where he was actively involved in the battles and landings. Fatalities of the infantrymen participated in the Russian-Turkish war, during the war of France, during the war of France. fortitude.

It has been established that it has been effectively used in battles. She absorbed health care experience.

Organized as a branch of the Navy Corps, took it out in 1939. During the Great Patriotic War of Moscow, Murmansk, Odessa, Sevastopol, Tallinn, Leningrad. Several infantry reached Berlin, in August 1945; Guards ranks were awarded for their heroism, more than 100 infantrymen – the title of Heroes of the Soviet Union.

Modern marines – kind of power Navy, Coastal areas and naval bases. Included in all the fleets of Russia. Marines motto “Where we are, there is victory!”. Since 1996, in accordance with the Day of the Marine Corps of Russia, in accordance with the Day of the Marine Corps of Russia.

Marines of the Caspian Flotilla.

Sailors in the winter and the Crimean War, smashed the Nazi invaders, in Syria, Egypt, Syria, Egypt, Guinea, and Afghanistan. Marines are considered one of the best combat units in the Russian army. According to the tradition of the marines, the infant glory and the ceremonial

November 27 &# 8212; Day of marines of Russia. &# 171; Where we are, there is victory!&# 187;

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