November 9 – International Anti-Nuclear Shares Day

Every year, November 9, environmentalists around the world gather and the motto “We choose the future without radiation!“. International Day of Anti-nuclear shares.

The radiation pollution is not considered devoid: Examples of nuclear power plants are known to everyone. For a complete set, nuclear bombardments with radioactive accidents can also be listed.

All those who are not affected by environmental pollution, to organize various energy sources. Andiyader camps are organized near dangerous facilities, warning signs are installed, and various briefings are given.

Where signs are installed “Caution! Radiation!”. We didn’t have a radioactive environment.

For information: It is considered that the nuclear fuel can be used.

Turning to the international community of environmentalists, acting under the slogan: “Turn into a global nuclear dump!”. For example, the “Baikal Ecological Wave” has been set up in the Irkutsk Region, where it has been developed and the Chemical Combine. It is here that it is supposed to be collected from the world.

Opponents of this venture – rightly believe in this way. They hope that they will not be ignored.

It is the second question that worries supporters of nuclear power plants. Accidents cant be ruled out, ecologists say. It has been confirmed that it has been the case that there have been major nuclear power plants around the world. However, the authorities are not willing to accept this issue either. According to the experts, there is still a lack of energy.

It has been the day before its missions have been carried out.

November 9 &# 8212; International Day of Anti-Nuclear Actions

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