NRS-2: Scout Knife Shooting

It will be about shooting knives scouts – LDCs and LDC-2, which since the 80s, and to this day, faithfully serve the military.

The NRS knife is designed for firing the SP-3 silent pistol cartridge with a 7.62 mm caliber. In the early 80s, a silent cartridge SP-4 of the same caliber as its predecessor was created, but with greater destructive power. The designers of the Tula Arms Plant modernized the LDCs for firing SP-4 cartridges, and in 1986 a new shooting knife called the LDC-2 was adopted by the troops. The new knife has an initial bullet speed of 200 m / s, while the old HPC has only 140 m / s. Due to this speed, the range of aimed fire of this weapon is 25 m. Not much, but for an intelligence officer in an emergency, this is quite enough.

Externally, the LDCs look like a bayonet to a Kalashnikov assault rifle. Without a scabbard, it weighs 325 grams, and HPC-2 – 360 grams. Blade length – 160 mm, thickness – 3.4 mm. The butt of the blade has a gear shape, which can be sawed through a steel bar with a diameter of up to 10 mm. The blade shape allows a strong blow to pierce a steel sheet with a thickness of up to 1 mm. The knife has a plastic sheath that can be attached to the belt, or to the leg. On the sheaths there are wire cutters that can cut the wire even at 400 volts, a screwdriver and a device for crimping the blasting cap.

Also included is a liner in the handle that is inserted into place of the firing mechanism during knife throwing, a cartridge pouch for four cartridges and a case with accessories. The knife in the sheath is fixed with a wide metal spring plate. And now we come to the most interesting part – how these knives shoot. It turns out that everything is quite simple. In the handle of the knife there is a single-shot firing device consisting of a barrel, a box, a firing mechanism, a lever for cocking and lowering, and a manual safety lever.

The length of the barrel is 60 mm, when reloading the weapon, it is removed, the sleeve is removed and a new cartridge is inserted into the chamber, after which the barrel returns to the handle. The noiselessness of the cartridge SP-4 is achieved due to the fact that the powder gases after the shot remain in the sleeve, and the bullet receives a pulse from the piston-pusher, which after the exit of the bullet closes the sleeve. To aim from such a weapon is not very convenient, but it is possible – there is a rear sight in the guard, and a front sight on the handle. For shooting at such a distance, in principle, this is enough.

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