Nuclear apocalypse comfort: A luxurious haven in Kansas

This is a shelter of the street with comfort. I want you to buy an apartment for 2M bucks in the past abandoned missile base deep in the prairies of Kansas.

Perhaps you’re not knowing about you?

There are no limits to your comfort and convenience. Bunker It has been determined that it will be possible to control the situation of global terrorism.

It is a 2 million dollars!It is a 2 million dollars!

If you want to make it up, then you can’t get it.

So far, he has gotten his Larry Hall shelters, when it fills up.

It was his peace of mind. .

It is located in a circle. We know what you are dying out.It is located in a circle. We know what you are dying out.

If you decide to make such an investment. Larry Hall also bought an apartment in shelter under construction, It has been shown to be global global chaos.

Hall in his peacetime will use shelter, it will be ready for it.

Larry Hall over his haven of KansasLarry Hall over his haven of Kansas

It is no longer necessary to buy it. If you’re not in trouble, you’ll be able to get in touch with the enemy.

Judging by layout, all apartments have all amenities.Judging by layout, all apartments have all amenities.

Living room with electric fireplaceLiving room with electric fireplace

Yes, the kitchen is goodYes, the kitchen is good

It was the 60s that it was built in the 60s.It was the 60s that it was built in the 60s.

Of course, it would be possible to settle in the former season. Seven out of the four floors; Already sold 3.5 floors, two floors in the design stage. AT this shelter will be occupied by technical premises.

The elevator will be available.

Buttons are also available.Buttons are also available.

Asylum designed and built on the principle of maximum protection. It has been shown to be able to protect it from earthquakes as well.

General scheme of asylumGeneral scheme of asylum

What is this shelter? How does it work?

Common to all rooms include:

  • Lift and stairs throughout the facility
  • Reserve sources of electricity and generator
  • Water tank with huge reserves and filtration system
  • Air filtration system
  • Household goods store
  • Indoor pool and spa
  • Full gym
  • Bar and Lounge Cafe
  • Control center
  • Medical center
  • Digital meteorological station

In the case of the shelter for 5 years.

The upper non-residential and outdoor areas are designed to ensure the safety of residents. shelters. It’s been a school day for children of residents. shelters and medical center.

The complex of life support systems provides comfortable bunker windmill and diesel generators.

It will be filtered through the water. And, of course, it will protect the residents. luxury shelter horror of marauders and other external danger.

The elevator will be listed in the database. The camera will follow the fence around the asylum area. Warning of the scenarios.

The World of Haunts, human beings from the first days of the world. Especially well developed theme of the games Fallout. The Hunger Games and the Mad Max: Road of Fury.

If you’re not looking.

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