Nuclear disaster in the United States: the collage of the Hanford complex

Nuclear power is good for everyone – enormous power, high reliability, and relative environmental safety. And there is only one drawback – it still has its radioactive properties, still knows how many years. Well, more precisely, physicists know how much much much really. And this waste needs to be disposed of. BUT Hanford Industrial Complex, world famous war Manhattan project, to accommodate high level waste was ideal. But …

Actually, the disposition. It was a huge enterprise, which was once produced for 2 thousand square kilometers. Of course, the scale itself is an area of ​​alienation and buffer areas. And somewhere in 1965, it turned out to be a completely different level. But the territory has already been invested. And something needed to be done. But it is not expensive, even for the United States.

Hanford Complex on Google MapsHanford Complex on Google Maps

And where you’ve come to Hanford complex nuclear energy and high activity. No, on the one hand – everything is fine. It has been packed into a car. Fortunately, the concrete underground tunnels and burial grounds perfectly absorbed dangerous radiation. You can leave with a clear conscience to forget. Alas, it is impossible.

Storage barrels are kept for a period of 25 years. And then they corrode them. First they, then the cars, and then the concrete floor. This was not the case. But this, of course, didn’t stop the situation. It was not carried out. It is not surprising. But now there is a risk of hitting Hlw (high level waste) in groundwater. And from there to the Columbia River. Well, then …

In short, the situation could have been warned. By 2019, it was a plant for the treatment of nuclear waste. Moreover, it has been re-buried in new modern containers. It wasn’t been a decay for the radioactive containers. And the watch is ticking.

In terms of numbers. Now in the territory Hanford complex there are 177 containers in which about 200 cubic meters are available. 320 square kilometers is considered to be contacted and there is limited. More than 50 meters of tunnels have collapsed and continues to collapse. It’s possible that the fukushima. But there are chances. Small, but there is.

The tunnels continue to collapse. And quite active. The United States has been able to eliminate the situation. Alas, the events are barely covered. If you’re in the case of the United States. Fortunately, there is a potential source of infection. Fukushima, is far from the sea coast. But, we say, we will see.

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