Nuclear hunger. One of the causes of death

No one doubts that this is the case. And it should not even be a global conflict, during which most of the continents will turn into radioactive ash. It is a conflict to find out how to become extinct. Play nuclear hunger.

Nuclear hunger – This is not an acute shortage of radioactive substances, but directly large-scale famine. The nobel laureate Ira Gelfand published a report on the phenomenon.

A hypothetical nuclear conflict between India and Pakistan. It is a long-term territorial, cultural and economic claims against each other. Clashes to global conflict, theoretically possible mutual uncovering of nuclear stocks. The food shortages caused by nuclear hunger.

Even China will get, which is just geographically nearby. Total human losses from several times. This is quite natural – China, India and Pakistan are extremely high density and population. South Asia will decline dramatically over 10 years. 20% worldwide. This is a large-scale famine threatened threat. After all, they are a population.

But back to nuclear hunger. All of you are well aware of what “nuclear winter” is. So, the current scenario is called “nuclear autumn”. It is not the same. In the same way, it is possible to “soot,” so that it is not highly permeable to ultraviolet radiation. In the United States of America, it’s not clear that there has been a global impact.

But where did scientists get this interesting data? From various sources, among which two categories have a special meaning. Understanding of tests of nuclear bombs. That is naked physics and statistics. The statistical analysis of the famine of 1943 in Bengal. 5 percent, but the food prices have increased many times. In the current scenario, it will be longer and more intense. So billions of victims is a very real scenario. Moreover, due to atmospheric currents, nuclear hunger Around the world of nuclear weapons.

The clarification of the forecasts and forecasts for the recovery of forecasts. It can be seen that there is no change. So you need to disarm and dispose of nuclear weapons. But who is listening to scientists with their predictions?

Therefore, it’s possible to take care of food supplements, medicines, drugs, medicines, and other hydrophysics. For the ghost of BP.

Nuclear hunger. One of the causes of death

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