Nunchaku, capture, defense techniques, repulsion, attack and attack. Textbook.

to the palm of the hand, the remaining fingers are assembled into a fist without tension and excessively without clenching so that their position does not impede the free rotational movement of the brush and ensures good transmission of the centrifugal force that develops when applying and parrying the blow. 

Security Techniques.

A good knowledge of the basic theoretical techniques is necessary in order to surely block a counter strike with one or two nunchak clubs in a relatively limited combat zone in order to intercept a strong, directed strike at a distance. When defending the opened nunchaku, each mace in its hand, it is necessary to maintain a good tension on the rope connecting the maces so that upon impact the enemy’s weapons will encounter a hard lock. To do this, at the time of the strike, the hands are squeezed even more.

Only the nunchak clubs, less often the rope that connects them, comes into contact with the enemy’s weapons. In this case, it is better to use a more robust model with a chain. Nunchucks can be used to counter shock or defensive deflection. The body must participate in the movement inseparably from the used weapon, being its continuation.

Nunchaku defense.

Reflection of the mace is carried out using a nunchak mace, which abuts against the outer part of the forearm. Such manipulation can be used for any kind of circular attack directed to the side or stomach.

Top kick reflection.

Protection can be carried out observing the same principles as in karate with a nunchaku mace resting on the forearm. Or crosswise using a nunchaku at a right angle. The figure shows the sequence of actions, starting from position 1, in the position of the nunchak in two hands in front of him. Thus, they lock on the left (3), then, changing hands, on the right (5).


Constant tension is maintained between the two clubs vertical and horizontal (blocking by square).
Close contact with nunchaku’s elbows.
The body is deployed 3/4 turn.
The vertical mace can additionally block side impacts directed from the outside inward at the level of the head and shoulder.

The figure shows the position at which protection is carried out without crossing arms, a nunchaku at a right angle. A constant tension must exist between the two clubs. Note that a side mace can simultaneously block a side impact aimed at shoulder or chest level..

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