Nunchucks, history and basic techniques of using nunchuck in martial arts. Allowance.

on the streets various types of self-defense are beginning to revive, methods that make it possible to effectively defend even against an attack with a weapon: a pistol, knife or club. And again two pieces of wood were brought back to life, connected by a nylon cord that allows the person who owns them to emerge victorious in a battle with an armed robber.

The force of the blow, which occurs when the free half of the nunchak hits, allows even a woman with average physical development to strike, equal in strength to the blow of a trained male karate. The design of the nunchak allows you to carry out attacks in directions that cannot be attacked when using a hard stick.

Ease. the ease of carrying and invisibility when worn under clothes, as well as the fighting qualities of nunchucks, make it possible to protect your life in modern conditions. Your wallet and your health.

The contents of the book Nunchaku, history and basic technology.

Gymnastic exercises.
Nunchuck Management.

Appendix 1. Protection.
Appendix 2. Kata with Nunchucks.

Nunchaku, history and basic techniques of using nunchak in martial arts, manual DOWNLOAD book

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