“Object 221”: abandoned Soviet bunker

During the country, during the country, during the country. One of the largest such secret objects is “Object 221” or “Nora”. It was a fleet. He was carrying out a war.

The largest building

Located “Object 221” near Sevastopol, near the village Morozovka. The word “dug over”. Of course, it’s not a problem. duty along the road during an emergency.

Interestingly, for those who have lost their way, another version of the road. It was a stone quarry, that’s all. The city of 1977. More than 200 meters. This is the area of ​​the square meters; it is the largest structure in the Crimea in terms of area.

Invisible building

It is incredible. Construction began in 1977 and lasted about 15 years, work continued until 1992. In 1992, the project was “frozen”, while its readiness was ninety percent. In the case of a carriage, it must be carried out. The construction team was formed as a ballistic missiles. “Nora” was built for the production of rubble. It could be seen on this territory.

In addition, a special “building snag” was built, also intended to deceive the enemy’s satellite. It is a good reason to preserve it. -storey. And the entrances themselves are in “Object 221” and they are not painted. You can take it. slab with painted props.

Creation plan

The first site was held under the leadership of the brigadier Tikhonov. The number of people; It was supposed to be an underground radio communications system. There is a need for a medical equipment. And besides, the kitchen and the dining room should be located here.

In addition, it was a military city. It could live security workers and technical staff. This residential town also had everything necessary for life: there were barracks, a boiler room. It has been built in. For example, it has been the case for the Northern Fleet. It is an honor to get in the brigade of the next bunker level. In the mountain massif three blocks were drilled, which is called “rubbed”, led.

The last stages of construction

The construction of the “221” was an under construction. Was even developed during welding, as well as metal insulation. X-rays were used. It has been carried out. Also, large-scale work on the reorganization of the relief.

Major General L. Shumilov, Head of the Black Sea Fleet’s construction department, supervised by the Command Post. It should be noted. The construction was discontinued in 1992. It was unprofitable to continue the construction of such an object. It has been a marauders who have been a large scale scaler.

“Object 221” in our days

Hunters are now “Object 221”. Tourists of the Cold War.

Now this object can be a real danger. Mines, dips, sticking out of the floor reinforcement. The largest amount of groundwater. In addition to a damp climate, it is possible to control the environment.

&# 171; Object 221&# 187;: abandoned Soviet bunker

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