Objects Survival: Mobile Phone Details

Almost everyone has mobile phones now. Even if you don’t need it – just in case. So many people often drag their vehicles on a hike. And there anything can happen … Fortunately, there are ways to help you use. for survival details of a mobile phone.

Mirror for supplying light signals

LCD screen of almost any modern mobile phone can be used as a means of supplying light signals. It is used for this purpose, but we don’t have to choose. Actually, we take out the screen, check it out. If everything is normal, then you can act.

If you want to see a flying plane. It’s Your Adventure to Yourself. And there is a chance. In this case, it is not necessary to break the apparatus. mobile phone, for the intended purpose.


Use for survival details of a mobile phone, especially broken and discharged – extremely sensible thought. Then you will immediately have some interesting options. If you’re, for example, you’ll need to make a fire, then you’ll be able to help you.

The battery is worn out. It is a short circuit, it is a kind of flammable kindling on it. But it can’t be used a second time.

What is the problem of the short circuit current? Not everywhere. But to be honest.

Means for hunting

Using phones you can not only Pokemon hunts. Still there metal parts, It can be used for example, side panels, Fish can be relatively suitable for small fish.

As for the microcircuit itself, it can be sharpened. Well, yes, it is a chip of age. However, it’s much easier than their wild stone. So if you only have on hand mobile phone details then for survival and they fit.


Mobile phone speaker is relatively survival detail. The fact is that there is a weak magnet, which, nevertheless, does its job. You can make a simple compass. If you want to find a piece of exposed wire, a magnet and a small sheet.

It will be a matter of fact. We get it. It should be noted that this is a magnetized end.

Objects Survival: Mobile Phone Details

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