Obvious facts about armed citizens and their weapons

1. For the people

Restrictions on the rights to weapons limit it only to law-abiding citizens. Criminals do not care about laws. (c) Captain Evidence.

So, if this is “elementary innovation” —consequently, those who support and initiate anti-weapon laws — at least assist the criminals.

2. For deputies

In Kazakhstan, for example, 300,000 owners of civilian weapons. Together with their family members and industry workers, that’s about 1 million citizens …

Why am I doing this? And which of the deputies can boast of such an electorate? Think =)

3. For security officials

How do you like the fact that gun owners regularly submit a bunch of certificates? The rest of the people do this when they get a passport. In other words, weapon owners are the most transparent to the system.

And yes, you can come to us without the prosecutor’s sanction to simply check the safe.

4. For the “fighters” against terrorism

Extremists can be anyone, but not idiots. After reading the previous paragraph, comes the understanding that creating a terrorist cell in the apartment of the owner of 10 units of legal weapons is sheer nonsense and fawn. To arm the criminals with your own variegated weapon is nonsense. And the buyer of 10 identical trunks simply shouts: “Check me out !!!”

It is for this reason that it is inefficient to rob the owners of weapons before the terrorist attack, it is easier to rob an army warehouse. But even easier, calmer and without risk – is to buy illegal weapons.

5. For hoplofobov

Heal =)


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