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The main problem of any shipwrecked – lack of drinking water. There is an exception to the rule. Most often, for less living conditions. The problem can be postponed until later, then the problem water extraction rises immediately and very abruptly.

In fact, there are enough options. If you want to drink water, you can drink it. The simplest sea ​​water maker.

So. For desalination you will need:

  • plastic bottle
  • large light capacity
  • small dark capacity
  • polyethylene film

Then everything is simple. An average dark vessel filled with sea water. We try to prevent the water from entering there. All this design is left in the sun, tightly covered with a film. It is also recommended to use it. And, in fact, everything. After 8 hours, you can have a glass of milliliters in 200, on average.

The dark material is heated, the evaporation of water is enhanced. It should be noted that the temperature of the thermal differential walls should not be reduced.

Actually, the recipe may vary. For example, it is recommended to make a recommendation. Others prefer to use opaque polyethylene. In short, there are options.

In any case, for effective desalination one such design will be really small. It will be a little bit more than that. It is often not the case. In this case, the recipe is transformed and simplified.

It was found. Dirty, crumpled, sometimes holey, but it’s better than nothing. Therefore we put the plastic bottle in the center. From above – polyethylene in several layers. Periodically, the water will have to fill up.

This theoretically reduces the efficiency of the process. desalination. In short, it’s not necessary to rely on high performance. But this is better than nothing.

How to desalinate

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