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Opinion Kyle Defur, who served in the special division of special operations of the Sea Seals (Navy SEALs Special Mission Unit) in various hot spots including Afghanistan, on the tactics of using shelters. Kayla’s Defoor Performance Shooting company specializes in instructing military and other government organizations, occasionally opening up basic classes for ordinary citizens.

Kyle teaches just such a basic rack with a carabiner and, accordingly, all of the following will be based on it.

Tactics use corners shelters

What is usually observed when right-handed arrows use the shelter angle on the right — they protrude rather far, especially when you need to fire a shot to the left (the targets are just before the shelter or to the left).

Shots at targets to the right of the shelter are not difficult. But when we need, when hunting for people, to begin to use the shelter correctly – that’s when mistakes happen. What happens is that people gradually pop out and eventually take a step to the side because they are trying to stand parallel to the shelter. Instead of standing with parallel feet and parallel shelter.

If I need to lean out to the right, the right leg goes forward. This allows you to save the pelvis directly under the weight of the whole body, which is very important in tactical operations, when you are wearing body armor, carbine and more. This is extremely important.

The back leg is almost like an aggressive athletic stance.

So, if I need to shoot at the target where the camera is located (right behind the shelter), only my eye leans out for aiming and a hand with a weapon. And it’s all. All other parts of the body – completely behind cover. Something to think about: the majority of people in the world are right handed – 70-80 percent. Usually, right-handers if smeared, then smeared in the area of ​​7 hours. We know that in Iraq and Afghanistan, the majority of injuries (about 80%) were in the legs [there are building operations carried out by stripping units]. That’s why it’s all so important.

Most of the shooters, in training, place targets on the right of the shelter, thus facilitating their task, and do not learn proper movement.

Therefore, in your training, make sure that the targets are behind the shelter or more importantly from the opposite side of the corner. If you lean out on the right, the targets should be on the left and vice versa.

When using the left corner of the shelter – the left leg extends forward. With a gun, I do not change hands, as the gun is mostly located in the center of the body. With a carabiner, I change my shoulder to rest the butt and position my arms because the approximate width of the body is 18 inches [45.72 cm] and this plays a big role in how much it will stick out.

What is important to remember is that you have to break out of the framework of a parallel world in which people are when they are working behind cover. Often this all comes from the world of sports shooting – I don’t say that it does not have a right to exist, but we should not forget that often in shooting disciplines it is allowed to stick out up to 50% or even more.

This is what happens when I stick out – I do not move parallel to the shelter, I move at a 45 degree angle, which allows me to cut off the corner and stay behind the shelter.

And finally, on reloading weapons when using shelters

This is what I advise you from my combat experience.

Situation: you are shooting at a moving target (for example, someone runs across the yard with a machine gun) and you run out of ammo. If you go around the corner of the shelter to reload the weapon and lean out again – your target has disappeared. What do you do now? Where did she go?

You have just created an additional problem for yourself. If you shoot from behind cover and the situation allows. For example, when shooting one on one. You shoot – the enemy is hiding. What would I do? I would continue to watch the enemy doing a quick reload of weapons.

But if, for example, you are alone against several opponents – take cover for reloading and of course change your position.


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