Old ways of fishing

If you’re lucky, of course) it’s one of the most important ways to get food. And both in peacetime and in conditions of survival. But if you can buy it and buy it, then you can have it. And this is where knowledge will help. old fishing methods, make your own gear.

We will speak for a long time. And today will be other vintage fishing methods, humanity has not been used for the first thousand years.

Nets and zahapy

The main advantage of the fish. Therefore, it doesn’t help her. It is this principle. old way of fishing – network. Swims in speed and gets stuck. The size of the cells depends on the size of the cells. If you’re in peace, it’s not a problem. But in terms of survival, you are not up to administrative criminal law.

It is extremely difficult to manufacture. It is unlikely that the network. But there is a simpler option – a design called “zahap.” In fact – a huge fish net. For example, it can be used for a long time. It is desirable to tie down the canvas. And that’s all.

We place the zahap in the water and throw some bait at its center. When it comes to fish gathering It is a little trickling down. Ideal for catching the ear. But it requires considerable physical strength.


It is no longer possible to play any role. This is a way to prey cannot escape. The method is effective, but very, very long. Install it securely at the bottom, make sure you can get it. Plus, in the cold season, few people want to climb into the water.

In short, there are significantly more minuses than pluses. If you want to make it, then you can make it. In more detail about the various design options for such traps and their locations, we will talk some time next.


Primitive ancestor of classic fishing rods. It is a method of survivalist. You only need to make a tackle, you can go about your business. There’s been a little bit of a go-ahead An example of such a “tin” is a fishing rod – donka.

It is made quite simply. There is no need for a line of sinker.

Cons of this old way of fishing It is obvious that they can be caught. It is necessary to make it possible to make it. In addition, it can simply be caught in fish.

In short, the option is not very optimal.


Extreme simple old way of fishing. Ostrog is a pointed and split stick with several teeth. Often – jagged one way. Ancestor of the classic trident. It is an easy way to make it straight and thick stick in the center. You need to push the teeth. You can’t accidentally jump off.

At this simplicity ends grueling robot. This is the easiest way to find a suitable place. You can promote water goals, and then try to impale. In these cases, you need to take into account the fish. It will turn out aside. You can still swim in these conditions – there are not very many chances. However, with the advanced skill you will most likely have mining.

It is not a problem for the physically weak people. Plus requires a lot of time and effort.

Bow and arrows

One of most ancient methods of fishing. Unfortunately, it requires a number of specific conditions. The essence of the simple is that it is simple. It still remains the time of the reactors. It seems like everything is simple.

First, the fish must be large. Shooting trivia is useless – you still won’t get it, because Secondly, the water should be clear. You need to see. Thirdly, the movement and react. You can, of course, take it away, but you will be able to get rid of it. Slowly up. Well and fourthly, you’ll have to hit you immediately.

All you need for this old ways of fishing – Bow and arrows. It is suitable for peacetime. In the case of survival, there will be a bowstring in the cord will do. Unless, of course, you want to spend time weaving a string of fibers. It is a straight line branch of the feet. Stabilizers are not needed. It is better to adjust the angle of fire.

This old way of fishing F popular become become become become become become become become become become become become become become become become become become become become become become It is true that you can use it for example. But this is a completely different conversation.

Food extraction

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