On the “blurring” of consciousness. How the enemy became the cardboard target

Once the boys are thrashed, they thrashed them at home. Someone built on the bow, one shorter stick, one shorter stick, one sticking out from the keg.

So grew warriors those times. Musketeers or Ivanhoe, And so it was not so long ago.

It is a little bit more enemy, be it hacked with a sword, stabbed with a spear, bruised with a hammer, or chopped with an ax. Most of means of destruction was designed purely on close combat. Archers have always stood alone, they were not liked, even their own. However, if the archers were good, they were carefully respected. But the main honor was given to those converged with the enemy face to face.

Time for each person. The main goal was this: your warrior at moment of death should have turned out as far as possible from enemy warrior. That is, bows, crossbows, food, muskets enjoyed success.

From the real, alive and tangible, enemy first turned into a remote target, then a figure at a distance, then a spot somewhere far away.

Depersonalization of the enemy

Enemy ceased to be concrete kill not specific warrior, but it’s just an incomprehensible figure in the distance. Enemy becoming less material and more.

Kill the enemy it is psychologically something other than just shoot him. He fell in love. A sort of original removal of guilt. If you’re not getting hit.

It’s a funeral journey. Or maybe I didn’t kill him at all, but I hurt him.

And so for those who find it in this, this is bad: How so? It is not clear whether or not
This is their work. And modern means near contact do not allow.

Depersonalization of the enemy what is good? She bombs are dropped. It is altogether tsifiryu on paper.

And along with the military deforms and people generally. It can be seen as a rule. And looking at it, the words “war“And”the battleThere are some examples of people who are untouched, just scratched people.

But you can’t fool the boys, and war games always accompanied by you, you cheated!

When remote war, no one wants to believe that such a clever and cunning can kill.

And then came the computer games. Electronic dummies, then virtual AND enemy depersonification reached quite incredible heights.

Murder has ceased to be scary

For, and after, 10–15–20 seconds. At school, college, at work. And people have lost their sense of reality. Something is terrible for them. It is like a computer game.

For example, it’s not a problem.

And the worse weapon, understand how terrible it is. Because they saw on TV like this weapon holes on the ground, they ruled him playing on the computer. And understand that weapons created in order to turn living people into meat and ground mince, they can no longer.

The enemy has ceased to be personified. The enemy has become a phenomenon. Social: in large numbers, gopnik. The ideological: Foshysty, imperialists. Racial: Nigra, Chinese. In short, by any means, but not specific. But he has lost his eyes and has lost his eyes.

The warrior and the civilian

Previously, the separation was quite clear – there are warriors, there are not warriors. And call “no warriors” the enemies was not accepted. Yes, they could be for edification. to the enemy, but it was not destruction of the enemy.

What now? Enemy – who is behind the army. They all enemies, indiscriminately. And that means destroy they need of all in a crowd. Fortunately, it’s again. At a minimum, for each one. It’s not enough to work around the city.

Enemy… He became completely non-personified, he lost his face and personality. A couple of thousands of accounts disappear. Does it sound scary? Well no. And who really understands that these were real people? If only those who have nothing to do with these disappeared.

Is it good or bad?

This is the evolution, this is the human development. This is normal and natural. Personally, I can’t rejoice, but I’m not going there? This is a fait accompli with nothing can be done.


ABOUT &# 171; blurring&# 187; of consciousness. How the enemy became the cardboard target

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