On the legalization of short-barreled weapons in Russia

In the comments to the previous entry “On training with short-barreled weapons,” one moment came up related to self defense and shortbore.

The fact is that all these screams and hysterical cries of “give us pistils!” Do not in any way lead to the fact that these same pistils are on sale under license. And even if they suddenly appear, this will not change the situation.

And the point is not that our citizens are crucified, rant and blood-stained. And the fact is that the appearance short weapon preceded by a huge system work in several directions.

At the same time, note that we are not talking about weapons culture. Here I fully agree with the citizens “dreaming” about short barrels– if the Moldovans and the Balts didn’t shoot each other (I mean, they are also citizens of the former USSR), they don’t shoot us either. No, shoot, of course, the first time. But I do not think that the bloodbath will be.

So, it’s not about creating weapon culture. Especially as to form treatment culture (storage, carrying and other things connected with it), without giving in hands weapons, is impossible. If you don’t have something, you will never learn to use it.

The point is that, for a start, it would be good for us to deal with the legislative basis – to make changes to the law on weapons. Amend the criminal, criminal procedure and administrative codes, perhaps amending the constitution. And most importantly, make changes to self defense law.

And the joke is that if you make changes to this law, and make it exactly a LAW ON SELF-DEFENSE, and not a LAW ON SELF-RECORD, then in many respects the cries and moans of the same dreamers about weapons will become quieter. Because at the moment this law now guarantees only one thing – no matter how you protect yourself, you still face the prospect of being guilty. And, accordingly, to get the full. If not the term, then hemorrhoids in full.

That is, in fact, now the state is confronting the citizen with a simple choice:

  • either you are alive, but you sit;
  • either you’re dead but innocent.

It is clear that I am exaggerating now and driving to extremes, but everything else lies between these “long sides” themselves.

There is still one thing related to the possible appearance of citizens short weapon. This change as a legislative and administrative base is not only for citizens, but also for law enforcement officials. Need to change the rules use of weapons and a measure of responsibility for this for employees MIA. And then in the present conditions, when the police are really afraid to shoot, even when it is necessary, and are unable to carry short weapon in off-duty time.

It turns out that even faced with an offense, police officers prefer to pull to the last with using weapons. And sometimes it leads to unpleasant consequences.

Moreover, it is necessary to change the training system for employees, because the quality of their training (in principle and in general) does not hold water. And if that happens, most of the same current IPSC’s will shoot any police squad at the shooting range.

In the same way, the law on private security activity needs to be finalized. Because if you allow weapons to citizens, then not allowing them to employees of private security companies will be utter nonsense.

And of course, talking about the need to completely overdo the licensing and licensing system. To minimize the corruption component. In fact, it is necessary to reduce the possibility of getting weapons to those who should not own them (people with mental illness, with criminal articles in the past) to a minimum. That is, such a person should not legally get a trunk. And if he needs him so much, then let him go, buy illegally and bear responsibility for it.

In summary, the approach to the issue should be systematic. And to be conducted in many directions, and not in the direction of hysterics – “Give a gun !!!” And precisely because of the lack of this systematic approach, the prospects that in the foreseeable future citizens will wear combat short-barreled weapon, not. We still have hopes for normal self defense law few.

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