On the role of the tunnel vision in a stressful situation

Although, of course, it will be subject to obstruction from the side of “specials”. But on the other hand, well, well, well, well, well, honestly? Therefore, we can.

If you are not a specialist, you can’t go to the nervous system.

In short, what I mean. A stressful situation. What is the tunneling? This is a focal point. True, in the case of shooting, It is a “focus spot”. It is a stressful situation. This is what the fighter sees in front of him. This is a simple rule of thumb. shooting models It is a practice that he has been practicing.

Therefore, the usual infantry training here all the same is primary. For example, it’s not a problem. Ahuy:

– As the tenth store?!?!?!? How did not kill anyone!?!?!?

Although a person who can shoot, will also be in a real situation. Sportsman’s sniper and military sniper. It is necessary to take care of an athlete in the ass. The reason will be one man able to shoot but having no training in stress management shooting skill It appears in people only when you regularly shoot at people).

It will be a little bit … Mmmm … Too narrow. It is not reconnaissance on-site, estimate or fire colleagues or support. If you’re at least. Especially because shooting on the ground It can be a weapon.

It is a fighter. He uses the peripheral vision, it is purely nominally. This is a zone of less control by a fighter. Because it should not be fuck. Because it is a physiologically determined process.

If you want to keep in mind, then you should observe as much as possible. And “enter” into the “concentration” mode only at the moment of target detection. Then everything is like a textbook “locate, lock, destroyIt should not be followed by the pathway, it’s not. (and it’s not ** me trigger discipline OK?) Is not in a permanently stressed state. He is relaxed and just barely touches the descent. If you’re not in the least, you can’t get it.

It will be a ticking twitch and it will a a twitch. If you’re not sure, you’ll be careful about it. And after 10 minutes, you’ll see that you’re on the floor. floors, oh, that will be …). Here it is exactly the same.

One of the things that is often overlooked is moment of relaxation arrow in between shots. A person who has clutched a shot and another, performs this action mechanically, without thinking. That is, even if you’re the first shots, you’ll follow purely by inertia. It will be a little bit different from the real one. This is a result of a person who has lost his mind.

It is easy to understand. If you’re moving for a long time, then you’ll be moving. This will be the case. Question tunnel vision reduced to a “focal point”. What is more questions.

Here, in addition to purely psychological preparation, we need to be aware of the technical and physiological side. Need a man teach to relax. Cthulhu freaking out the bottom of the baseboard. It is not necessary to start the process.

The arms are not compressed, but they are not limited; Feel that you’re feeling more relaxed and faster. Not a problem. Trying to maintain conciseness while accumulating fatigue.

It’s good for you to hang it up. And maybe the aforementioned Izzy Eggman pukun / cough / stumble and that’s it … Ready random shot by Izenka …

It is necessary to control your body and muscles. He will also be easier, and others too.

It is clear that both types of training play a role here. How clean rifle, both psychological and mixed. It is important that you’ve been able to relax and relax. change focus points. If you’re a little bit different, you’ll have to do it. of preparation for the shot and the shot itself. And then in the situation of changing the sector.

It is formed very differently. For example, it was a pathway for a fighter firing. It is literally three feet away, but it’s not uncommoned by anyone.

Or, for example, in the room. The agitated warrior walks down the corridor, she doesn’t see at all. Why? Due to the tensions, he narrows down with his step. This is not noticed at all. It is a clear idea. That spot, turned into a point. It is clear, of course, that the nerves are at the limit, we must work quickly. But they were heading with a criminal conspiracy.

No, no one says, “It is simple. But in a situation. It is the” lone warriors “who hold it.

But there is still a moment associated with the weapon. It has been shown to be there. The field for work is not plowed.

In short, the process is complicated, but necessary.

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Rifle training

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