On the training of snipers in the Armed Forces

In 2008, was adopted “sniper concept“In the modern Russian army.

Strangely enough, you need to be properly remembered before. Sniper (it was a sniper) According to the state. About the training program. So they’ve been able to practice and combat combat experience from 1989 to 2008. This was not the case for Chechen. Plus, special forces fighters. As you understand, the concept of 2008 was buried on the shelf.

Come to my senses in 2011, writing a new one. No major changes. Began to collect companies snipers in the ground units sniper). Thus, the 3000 fighters in the brigade was about 50 snipers, including officers.

All this was at the time of my arrival in the special forces. What has been said is a personal experience. Reasons for reasons changed.

Sniper training

The company commanded a military officer – 2nd Chechnya, Abkhazia. He has more orders than kombrig. The foreman-platoon is the same. Both “practices” are both luck and damnation.

According to the NFP, our training was supposed to include man-making, military swimming, acrobatics, and much more. In fact, we ran, pulled up, wrung out and crawled. Crawled a lot. Highly. If there was a sports crawl, I would be among the world champions. The weather is not a hindrance. Sport is always there. Every day for 5-6 hours we were engaged. Frost, heat, rain – no matter ran. So that you understand, ranked the top ten, “to wake up.” They came running, squeezed out on the floor, to study. And after – again: running, crawling, pulling up.

We studied a lot. VSS, JI, internal ballistics, combat tactics, masking … Even sewing. No kidding. We prepared our “lumps” ourselves. Fifty bodies on the “takeoff” sew of their clothes for themselves – a special spectacle. And study again. Thousands, MOA, mil-dot, longitudinal-and-long-distance shot of a bullet …

Did you know that Svd 70-80 But it became possible to shoot an armor-piercing incendiary. Armor-piercing incendiary, Karl! Of sniper rifle!

Having learned the basics, we got access to the body – rifle. I got a virgin 82-year release. I was tortured to clean it. Finally, we became “vaapsche sniping.” Terrible warriors with perfect accuracy. So it seemed to me. The first shooting showed more. The number of hit points was not count. Fought.

Since then, shot often. Indecent often. I spent the time on the shooting range for a week. This doesn’t include work on SCAT, grinding manufacture, aiming and postrelushek with trigger.

Of the frills from the ground up: from buildings, to buildings, from roofs, trenches, shelters, secrets, from trees . Worked distance up to 800 meters relatively freely. Undercover, and corrected artillery. It wasn’t Ji, but also Mon.

Worked most, not limited to Svd: the whole line AK, armed; RPG-7, SHAFT, VSS, KVAC, PB. It was not possible to play with AGS-17 and manlicher. After my dismissal.

They have been prepared to visit the location. Of the gallant sniper pair lifelike versus superior powers of puerto rican mice. He really wondered out of shape, spending money on the same time. It was necessary to somehow have fun.

“In the fields.” We’ve learned how to digest trenches, crawling it can be used to note, signaling, detecting sites, pillboxes, ambushes, caches.

We’ve been the only one who had to go to the fields. ” Even our brothers in arms, the scouts, They were not surprised at all the first time. The introductory was simple and cruel: “For their food supplies lost their food. Survive. “

We were made evil. Daring and daring valiant enough already. To eat not only grass, they learned to loot. In addition to captured bowlers, flasks, belts, caps and mpl, they worked honestly out of the signalers. But it was the kitchen. Gang harshly and very intelligibly interrupted by our bosses. Then they returned the ration. Then it seemed cool: knee deep in mud, deep in shit. Now I remember with a smile.

For the study of the program snipers, therefore, the brain is boiled and melted from the constant psychological stress and pressure. Dropout was horse. For the first week minus 2/3 guys. Many could not stand and left themselves.

It is not possible to slip into history. Something I told you something will never be told: only those who were there will understand. There are few of them left. There are some ways to get a lot of things to do. said, “Went into the sunset” …

And I … And what am I? I hope that I need only for hunting, disputes on the Internet and computer games. I hope you’ll not be able to observe these skills. Anyway, the motto “One shoot, one kill“. As will be further – we will see.

On the training of snipers in the Armed Forces

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