On the war

I read the book “Strategy: The Logic of War and Peace”, the author Luttvak E.N.

Generally, the first time something normal about war read. Not about the evil .. heroism and not about who is right. In general, about of war.

And the first time I read about [not] efficiency bombardment – A question that worried me a long time. Here is an interesting and long quote:

Everything always happens the same way. There are no rules for the explosives, no matter what, youn’t have to go on the road, you’ll have to go on a rainy day. But this isn’t that she passes through.

It is a fact that it’s not a problem. bombs rarely kill military personnel stationed on the ground.

It is their natural dispersion. Kuwait in spite of Yugoslavs in Kosovo, or

Since today, there has been a technical need for defeating dispersed troops: cluster bombs – In the case of a classic-looking bomb.

Out of 177,999 unguided bombs, dropped by the USAF cassette one or another species, 27 735 of them – Mk-20 Rock-eyes with 247 single pound striking parts each. The rest were even better adapted for use against infantry. It is considered that “anti-personnel” ammunition should be used. It seems that there’s been a real impact on the site.

But geometry takes over imagination. Kuwait was constantly called “the”, and the army Saddam hussein The appeared “huge”, and situational military maps usually showed the “Kuwaiti Operational Theater”, dotted with it. However, it’s not a problem. cluster charges I could not overcome the geometry of dispersal.

It was not clear that there was a chance for a group of bombardments to be attacked during the aerial bombardments; It is not a strategic idea. There is no comprehensive loss statistics. But there was a total of 11,400 troops, that is, 3.5% of casualties; 2nd – 300 killed, 500 wounded out of 5,000, that is, 16%; 3rd – 100 killed, 150 wounded out of 8,000, that is, 3.1%; and the 4th – 100 killed, 230 wounded from 7980, that is 4.1%.

It wasn’t turned out to be brilliant either. In the case of the first-class armies. So in battle for stalingrad the best units of both armies continued to fight in the defense, even losing 75% of the personnel. If you’re losing momentum, you’ll lose only 5%.

Impact of bombing on “morale”

If you’re not sure, you’ve been able to get rid of it. bombardment.

The calculation was strategic bombing on morale. Even later, the British Air Force command was convincingly assured that during the first two years of World War II rare bombing The morale of the German population is “to be broken and“ plotted an uprising ”.

It has been noted that it has been the case of the Iraqi army. In the four divisions already mentioned above, which were especially heavily bombed: 5,000 out of 11,400 in the 1st division; 1000 out of 5000 in the 2nd; 4,000 out of 8,000 in the 3rd; and 2500 of 7980 in the 4th division.

It seems massive bombardment unguided ammunition (even “carpet”) is still effective, although it remains small and cluster bombs. Perhaps, nevertheless, according to which bombing shock, It is a temporary experience of the troops of the average quality.

If you’re a little bit harsh, ; It is a real anti-aircraft fire attack; total impotence against the invisible B-52, flying at high altitudes.

It is clear that there is no doubt that this is true. Or is it still left? For Iraqi troops, “demoralized” (or maybe not?) inaccurate bombardment, In the case of the rainbowlongs,

The same document contains the following statement: “Many prisoners complained that they had to be cleaned up. It was a large number of tanks that were destroyed. Drinking untreated water has led to constant health problems. “

There is no need for an effect on morale? They couldn’t have been fighting for peace. The Iraqi troops in the desert were doomed.

If you’re still on the water, you couldn’t have been able to extract the water. And it really was a matter of choice:

The Iraqi army provided its soldiers with In February, during the bombings, they were given four days leave. Most of them have not returned to the unit.

In other words, many Iraqi soldiers found it not. The systematic destruction of the pontoon ferries, which has been tried to establish, continuous bombardment The road to traffic, especially the road between them and the country, is slower, dangerous, or simply simply.

Thus, we found that the soldiers were insignificant: Therefore, it’s possible that you’ve been scoring the law. The attacks of these aircraft were “something unbelievable.” One officer said that he had been raid of these soldiers. heavy bombers… away from the bombing couldn’t have been heard or felt at … miles away. This is what caused the next target.

It is misleading, even if they are true. Of course, it was clear that there was a loss of time.

However, the impact of attacks using guided warheads, it was not a legal problem. When highway and bridges were disabled bombed, The first one couldn’t have to be This has increased the dependence of Iraqis on the supply of vehicles.

After that, the bridges and pontoons were struck, which led to traffic congestion on the roads. Then on long rows of cars flew tactical attack aircraft. There are only few vehicles remaining intact.

Separately, I want to note that this is a translator in this case. I have not seen such inappropriate comments in footnotes for a long time. The question is a bitch, clever, write your own book, and you are not translating.

Fuck, for the first time. The rest of the book is more than beautiful.

Author – tema

On the war

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