One on one with the desert. Part 2: Buildings and Temples

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There is no need for any significant identification signs. Of course, it is quite difficult to learn the skills of orientation. We will look for landmarks for the traveler.

Essential landmarks

What are the significant landmarks in the desert? Reasonable question. Let’s consider the possible options. Here you wander through the desert, bang, and stumble upon:


These are the Mohammedan graves, which are often located on high ground or the crossroads of trails. This is an excellent landmark, as the walls of the mazar correspond to the sides of the horizon.


Sacred Buddhist signs, which dubbed the road beacons. Suburgans are located along roads that carry economic value. Usually, “beacons” point of worship and pilgrimage.


It is seen from afar.


These are the piles of brushwood and saxaul, which are mainly located at the forks and in elevated places. Oyuki will tell you the way to the well.

If you want to make it, then you can get it. It is also worth noting.

Well that’s all! The desert orientation survey has come to an end. It’s time to get in and out. Have a nice trip and see you soon!

One on one with the desert. Part 2: Buildings and Temples

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