Opening your own enterprise, business, like any profession, you need to learn.

Opening your own company should begin with training. Business, like any profession, needs to learn. In advance. To master all sorts of wisdom and subtleties. 

Opening a company, business, like any profession, you need to learn.

Ah, have you already studied? And where? In one of the many business schools? With invited teachers from the overseas West? Well, congratulations. You got a great idea about the features of entrepreneurship there, beyond the cordon. And they will have to conduct business here in their native country. Or crawl on the belly through three borders, bypassing the border cordons, so that you can apply your skill to the matter. I’m afraid that their recommendations may be useful to our entrepreneurs in much the same way as the Greenland Eskimo’s ability to bite a two-humped camel. Because our economy is not controlled by science.

can only be studied in practice. I know a considerable number of prosperous businessmen who did not complete any courses, schools and similar educational institutions. Because once. Because they make money. And in the process of making money, they learn to make new money. And when making new money, they will inevitably learn how to make even more money. And managing with even more money, they go out for a lot of money. And so on to infinity. These practices are the most powerful core of entrepreneurs. Because they are not taught by teachers, but by life itself. And the wolf laws of competition. They have no choice but to delve into the intricacies of the domestic economy. Because they risk not a set-off or even expulsion from an educational institution, but with all their capital.

This is the style of training that I recommend to people who decide to open their own enterprise and become businessmen. Purely practical. From step to step. From the basics to the most difficult financial combinations. From hundreds of rubles to billions. As an ordinary soldier, who decided to become a marshal, but at first passed all sergeant and officer posts. If you do not want to go broke yourself and let your relatives go around the world, you must absolutely have information about the area where you are going to invest. First you should consult with familiar businessmen, finding out first of all not the front, but the shadow side of their life, what, to whom, how much, on what terms…

Then be sure to spin in the business as an employee. A few months. It is advisable not taking financial responsibility. And talk with practicing economists to learn about today’s market conditions. Familiar tax inspectors who can interpret tax policies. Lawyers who will tell you how many years you will be absent from the family in case of failure in a particular business field. And only after that make a decision about the scope and type of activity. And having accepted it, it’s not the start of an enterprise that should be started, but the search for an accountant. And money is better not to spare.

A weak accountant will ruin your enterprises rather than a consolidated regiment of racketeers. Because any of his financial mistakes, like a hungry bull terrier in a piece of meat, will be seized by the tax office. And there will be fines, penalties for late deductions, seizures of accounts that will ultimately ruin a negligent businessman. No matter what you say, the accountant for the entrepreneur is my mother! And even better if my own! Because the native will not sell. It follows that the best accountant is one who is brought up in his own kindred environment.

I know a case when a third-party chief accountant of an enterprise, not getting along with his superiors, wrote to the prosecutor a detailed cart about abuses committed in a company under his jurisdiction. Revenge took place. The company’s management planted. But the accountants, as the person in charge, were imprisoned too. To the same dock. From this we conclude that in our state, where certain violations of the law are inevitable, it is better to have financial assistants of ours. But only, I repeat, they should be thinking financiers. The fact that they let you in the world because of negligence, and not out of malice, will not reassure you personally.

Having hired the accountant of the enterprise, do not rush to deploy the business. Better, using his knowledge, calculate the profitability of the proposed business. With a calculator in hand. Beginning businessmen like to deceive themselves, taking wishful thinking. They fall into unreasonable euphoria and begin to collect loans, lay cars and apartments under the goods, convincing everyone, but first of all themselves, that in less than a month they will cover all expenses. And then they start to sober up. Forget about your income mesmerizing with numerous zeros. You better calculate the costs. Profitability determines loss, not profit.

And what has decreased? Salary to me and an accountant. And some taxes. Yes, not some, but very, very significant. In which you must delve into, as an ordinary fighter, an order from a higher command. And also licenses, permits, coordination with the sanitary and epidemiological station, firefighters and the like are not very accommodating organizations. Plus, current (from your wallet to someone else’s) expenses: rent, transportation, loading and unloading, cleaning, audits and inspections of supervisory authorities and other state and shadow requisitions of the enterprise. Yes, including shadow ones that you did not know about, but which also affect the final balance figures.

For example, bribes to officials in the line of duty. And deductions to young little-sympathetic guys who come to see you in the first days of each new month. It is better to know in advance about them, or rather, about the losses associated with them. And based on this, calculate the debit. And not out of a headlong desire to earn a lot of money. Well, does the balance not converge? Doesn’t it converge? And why? Ah, you did not know about those short-haired boys and their older, with an older appetite, colleagues from supervisory authorities? Yes, not because they did not know, but because they were too lazy to find out about all the details of your enterprise. In advance, before the losses became irreversible. For laziness and paid.

Or does it converge? And even there remains some financial reserve for a fire accident and the development of the enterprise. Well, then you can assume you are standing firmly on your feet! Then go, do not trade, that you are in a hurry all the time. To get money for the goods to trade. Go get your start-up capital. Moreover, the larger the amount you get, the greater the profit. Since you can buy goods at cheaper wholesale prices. And sell at retail. And on that difference, heat the handles. And if there is not enough money, then the goods will have to be purchased at a nearby kiosk in order to sell in one’s own place and instead of profit, receive an everyday headache.

No, you cannot do without great start-up funds. Borrow money from relatives, take out loans, and mortgage your own property. But only owned by you personally! Do not try to lay apartments and things of your family. Whatever profit it may bode! The property of your family members must be inviolable! Engaged in dishonest business, but decent in family relationships, businessmen sometimes even divorce their wives ahead of time, continuing to live with them to protect them from the potential forfeiture of the enterprise.

Therefore, setting off on a dangerous voyage along the waves of entrepreneurship, do not drag family capital on board your still fragile little ship. Do not take sin into your soul. For the same reason, you should not involve the second half in your business, that is, husband and wife, and husband’s wife. So that in the case of a trip paid by the state to distant lands or fraught with an untimely death, the showdown should not be left without protection for children. One of the parents must be outside the company! Otherwise, why all this business, if it can turn against people close to you.

Having obtained the starting capital, you can go to purchase goods. Anyone. From sewing needles to black slaves, inclusive. Depending on their law-abiding, nurturing and greed. At the same time, you should know one more law of free enterprise, which states that the more dangerous a product is, the greater profit it promises. But even more so, it is dangerous. Following him, one can understand that it is most profitable to trade in drugs and air-to-ground intercontinental missiles with nuclear warheads. But, trading them, you can easily lose ten years of freedom or a lifetime. The balance of greed and fear will determine your consent to a particular transaction.

It is only necessary to go for dubious properties trading operations with open eyes. Calling everything by their proper names. That is, a drug is a drug, and not a businessman himself, but a drug dealer. Do not be fooled. It should be remembered that the businessman’s main commandment is that free cheese can only be found in a mousetrap. Do not bother with very cheap goods. Pricing has its own laws, and less than what a product costs, it cannot cost! Unless he is stolen or left. Why do you need stolen goods that any competitor can identify as their own and thereby greatly complicate your life? And why the left?

I’m not sure that you will be glad of the proceeds from the sale of home-made vodka, having learned that fifty of your fellow citizens have been poisoned to death. Then these deceased fellow citizens of yours will not come to you at night and, rattling by the hourly bottles, demand satisfaction? Well, if you still take such a product, then do not be hypocritical, do not pretend that you are not aware of its origin and quality. And it’s better to do your legs after having sold it off your hands. Because you participated in an immoral and illegal transaction. And they should act not as an honest merchant, but as a normal thief, that is, to run away and hide.

Some more tips. Never take a word for partners. Yes, and the papers are not very. Double-check each clause of the contract, inspect and sniff each piece of paper presented as evidence, be insured as soon as possible. Because in business, profit is more important than morality. On the other hand, do not be offended or try to make a showdown if you are heated. Because you heated someone else yesterday. Only yesterday it was called a successful transaction, and today, for some reason, fraud. Let’s be honest to the end, if you have the right to use the law of profit against another, then this other can use it against you.

Truly adequate businessmen, after they are thrown, just grin and say: They made me beautiful. Only beginners shout, resent and climb into the fray, fraught with additional losses. Do not chase instant income. The guarantor of well-being is not instant gains, but the company’s constant income. And we are all talking about Ivan the Fool, talking pikes, magic wands and self-assembled tablecloths. And as a result, we are left with no chopsticks, tablecloths, self-collected and the initial, and all available capital. Just Ivan the Fools. How much has been said about this. But we continue to prefer a half, but now a golden dime, but a little later. On which we burn.

Having successfully developed one type of business, immediately take on another. Even if it will be unprofitable. You can’t put all the golden eggs in one basket. Well, how will she fall? Many Western monopolies keep afloat just because they are engaged in multidisciplinary activities. And when in one type of activity they fail, they survive at the expense of the other who continues to generate income. I knew several entrepreneurs who, while developing fabulous goldmines, continued to lug several unprofitable enterprises in parallel..

Why do you have to lose? I asked. Is it not advisable to concentrate all efforts in the direction that brings the greatest income?
Uh, they said. Today is income, tomorrow is expense. And I want to eat every day.

Last tip. When planning to do business, be prepared to do it every day and for the rest of your life. Business is not a lifestyle profession. And entering it, it will be almost impossible to go back. Just because you are rich does not mean that you can rest on your laurels. The protection of capital and the maintenance of capital require no less effort than its accumulation. So, if you started entrepreneurship in order to make your life easier, you were very mistaken. Peace, especially sincere, you will only dream.

One seventy-year-old Japanese man, one of the ten richest people in the world, in a television interview to the question: How do you live? replied: Bad. It does not get enough sleep, as it rises at five in the morning, and lays down in the dark. He eats badly, because more and more on the go. He does not see the family. Has no friends. He can’t find the time to do what he wants. And in general he sees nothing and does not do anything except hard labor. When asked why he should work, if he is one of the richest people in the world, the Japanese billionaire reasonably answered: Because if I stop working, then my competitors will bankrupt me for half a month.

Such a way of life. He took the weight hold. For the rest of my life. It is not clear why, then, is wealth if peace cannot be acquired on it? Maybe then, in order to live longer, acquiring special products, especially smart doctors and especially valuable medicines? And who said longer? Something I did not see statistics confirming this assumption. It is unlikely that a domestic businessman will be able to live longer than others. Due to the fact that the business is very harmful production.

Nerves, stresses, irregular working hours, constant preoccupation with one’s financial situation, exhausting baths, receptions and other excesses, without which no deal will take place, diseases acquired for money, lack of friends and peace, family disruptions, hitting colleagues and, finally, the figures of the assassins awaiting him in the twilight of the porch. All this contributes little to life expectancy. But very early heart attacks, strokes, ulcers and gunshot wounds in the left ear.

Those who want to live long, it is better to go to beekeepers, artists, writers. These professions, according to statistics, provide the greatest life expectancy. And businessmen die twenty times more often than miners, whose profession is recognized as the most dangerous among all others. As for other types of business, all of them are quite the same in their methods, and most importantly, in their goals. The difference is only in scale. Which are being developed. For example, if the multi-billion-dollar fortunes of the inventors of financial pyramids are not allowed to sleep peacefully, then you can easily follow in their footsteps. It is not as hard as it seems..

Remember the recipe. We need to take a sheet of paper and a pen. Make a list of all your relatives, acquaintances, friends, classmates, colleagues, neighbors, etc. And one day go through them. For everyone. To borrow money from everyone. As much as possible. And taking this money, quietly disappear from the city. Buy yourself a house and a car somewhere and live to your full pleasure. Because if a couple of thousand from a hundred acquaintances, then this is money.

And if you attract friends of acquaintances. And their friends. Under the promise of high interest or commodity values. That’s the whole principle of the pyramid. Where financial success depends on only one, you know how to borrow without return or not. At least a bit of conscience remained in you or was replaced by crisp bills of cash. If replaced, you are ripe before major financial transactions. If not, go back to your job search..

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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