Opinion of one of the blackwater mercenaries

1. African tribes

It’s not even interesting to fight them. They shoot randomly, they don’t know about aiming shooting. Often they spit in their feet under their feet. Habitual get into his. Scatter to the sides after a casual dress
Rating – meat.

2. African regular troops

Differ from their wild counterparts only. They are even more capable of adversary, even Arabs, leads to panic and flight. Act in harmony with vehicles
Rating – packaged meat.

3. Arabs

It is clear that it’s not a problem. It is a scattering of peace of mind. However, the latter doesn’t apply to regulars, they are relatively silent and disciplined, they know how to use grenades.
Rating – convenient target.

4. American regular troops

How many films were shot about the invincible American army … There is only one BUT. The Yankees are absolutely unable to fight without artillery preparation, tanks and airstrikes. The soldiers will not go there. And if they do, they don’t return back. They shoot very well, they are coordinated, but they are timid in front of any resistance. After which they become easy prey. Losses are going through hard loss. Underpants.
Rating – biting dogs.

5. American mercenaries

Good fighters. They are shooters. It is sometimes difficult to cope. But they have a very weak point – morality. And the lack of motivation, except money. It is absolutely hot. And in every way, avoid the first line of fire.
Rating – Dogs of war.

6. Asians

I did not come across regulars. Mercenaries are able to deliver a painful headache to any opponent. If act as a group. What is their heads is incomprehensible, but they are not capable of any folly. They shoot beautifully, they often act from ambushes, into which the enemy enters according to a cunning plan. Asians do not care. They do not care if there are cartridges or not. The main thing is the presence of fellows. But alone, alas, they become useless.
Rating – army of the emperor.

7. Caucasians and Afghans

Strong warriors. Fine arrows. Hardy, brave. Able to act in groups, alone, motivated and insidious. In combat, they act competently. They are effectively not able to operate from ambushes.
It was a freak. Unless he’s a shahid, but that’s another story …
Rating – real fighters.

8. Russians

To oppose the platoon of Russian mercenaries – a fierce, bloody magnus … es. They are running out, they have to go. Mortally wounded Russian? Do not touch him, most likely before his death – he squeezed a grenade without checks. Russian inventive, have excellent intuition. And … Poh … ists. Did the plane arrive? According … ui, they will be shot down with a sapper shovel. Tank? Po … ui, if not broken arms. Fighters who have never been held at that critical moment. And by … wow, it would be a blow to the enemy with the rifle itself.

Tactics and strategy? Easily! Any composition from the army of the enemy. Russians, even mercenaries, are not able to retreat. And if they retreat, they are just running for the cartridges.
Rating – Warriors.

Blackwater (“Black Water”), a private security company founded in 1997 by Eric Prince and Al Clark. Blackwater mercenaries managed to go anywhere, anywhere, smell gunpowder, make a fight with a variety of opponents. And, of course, to make it possible

Opinion of one of the blackwater mercenaries

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