Option emergency bag from John Wiseman, items included in the emergency bag, their packaging.

In cars, aircraft or watercraft, there is nothing better than an emergency bag. Do not store the emergency kit separately. Pack them in such a special emergency bag. However, it will be too large to carry in your pocket, so it should be where you can quickly access it in case of emergency. 

A variant of the emergency bag from John Wiseman, items included in the emergency bag, their packaging.

If you are walking, make an emergency bag for attaching a backpack or belt. The emergency bag must always contain fuel, food, a plastic warming bag, and flares. All this is packaged in a camping pot, for example, a pot-tray or an army pot, which protects this set and is used for cooking. If you decide to make tea or a snack, everything you need will be in one place. And in an emergency it will be the first means of survival. Everything you use from the emergency bag must be refilled at the earliest opportunity.

Emergency bag.

The emergency bag must be made of waterproof material and must be large enough to fit the cooking pot. She should have a reliable fastener, excluding spontaneous unfastening and a strong loop of the length of wear on the belt. Remember that there are matches, dry fuel and rockets in the bag: all this can save a life, but requires careful handling.

Bowler hat.

It can be made of aluminum, which is durable and lightweight at the same time. Good cooking utensils, as well as protecting the emergency kit placed inside it.


It is advisable to have dry fuel tablets (dry alcohol) in a folding container container (camping spirit). Use them sparingly, and only where there is no wood fuel or it is inconvenient to use. Pills are an excellent material for kindling fire. The tile simply unfolds, turning into a stand for a pot and a fireplace for burning fuel.

Option emergency bag from John Wiseman, items included in the emergency bag, their packaging.
a rocket launcher that does not exceed the size of a fountain pen. These are explosive objects, so pack them with care. To use, simply screw the rocket launcher onto the rocket and point it up at arm’s length. To start, pull the trigger. Use to attract attention.

Signal strip.

A strip or tape of luminous material measuring approximately 0.3×2 meters is used to attract attention in an emergency. One lane means immediate evacuation. Specify other signals using other signal bands that your group colleagues have. Stack to prevent the rumble of other items in the packaging.


Take as many matches as possible, putting them in a waterproof container of matches cannot be too many. Pack carefully and gently rubbing unsafe matches against each other can ignite them.

A tea set.

There is nothing better than a cheerleader tea. Include tea bags, sugar, and milk powder. Tea quenches thirst for coffee strengthens it.


Fats are the hardest to find while in the pasture. Their calories deserve a place in your emergency kit; there are tubes of butter and ghee, lard. Dry (dehydrated) meat cubes are nutritious and supportive, although not very tasty. Chocolate is good food for an emergency bag, but poorly stored, so check it regularly. Salt should be in the emergency kit. Salt tablets are convenient and compact, and even better, take a vitamin powder that contains vitamins, salt and other minerals needed by the body.

Bag for warming.

A large plastic bag measuring approximately 200×60 cm in cold weather can save lives. In an emergency, climb into such a bag to reduce body heat loss. Even soaking from the condensation formed, you will be warm. It is even better to have a heat-insulating bag made of reflective materials that provides heat and solves the condensate problem..

Life Support Diary.

Keep records of all events, do not rely on your memory. Record, for example, descriptions of edible plants and other livelihood opportunities, as well as what might hinder survival. Such a diary becomes a valuable reference and its constant maintenance helps to strengthen morale. Later it will be useful in survival training..

Based on the book Complete Survival Guide for Extreme Situations, in the Wild, on Land and at Sea.
John Wiseman.

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