Options urban portable emergency stock, its composition and the possible use of certain things.

Survival largely depends on the ability to adapt, and therefore, increased attention should be paid to home-made tools, quickly made from available materials. But having a small portable emergency reserve with you, with the mind of selected things, will always come in handy. Each person, man or woman, must choose his own NAZ portable emergency stock, the composition of which depends on the characteristics of the environment in which he is going to operate, and personal habits. 

The complete set of the urban portable emergency stock, its composition and the possible use of some things.

Are you going to improve the contents of the existing emergency stock of the wearable kit or start collecting it from scratch, its basis should be a number of small, light objects, which will be discussed below.

A bulletproof insert, tailored or custom made to fit the size of a particular city bag, can quickly turn it into a tool that protects you from an attacker who is armed with a firearm.

A very wide range of applications for a small flashlight. From use as a navigation tool to an alarm device. A pen with a steel pen can be both a writing tool and a weapon of self-defense, if you stick it in the eye or neck of the enemy.

A stack of coins can be put in a bandana, and you get a tool that can break bones. In addition, the bandana can be used as a hemostatic tourniquet. Superglue in a tube will become the material for creating home-made surgical threads.

A pair of Kevlar laces can be used to cut metal. And medical scissors will help to cut clothes or a metal wire. In addition to the weapons that a civilian may have, a small spray can of gas is also useful as a non-lethal means of self-defense.

Possible composition of urban wearable emergency stock.

Options urban portable emergency stock, its composition and the possible use of certain things.

Durable city bag.
Bulletproof insert.
Ball pen.
Keychain with glass breaker, whistle and keys.
Water bottle.
Energy Bars.
Medical scissors.
Tear spray can.
GPS device.
City or area map.
Coins wrapped in a scarf.
Adhesive Bandage.
Super glue.

If during a natural disaster or unrest in the city the cellular services cease to be provided, you can use a GPS device as a backup option for navigation, and if both this device and the phone go down or are stolen, you can resort to a regular map.

In a crisis situation, belts with carabiners detached from a wallet or bag can also be very useful, as can a hollow nylon cord, for example, a paracord cord.

Based on the book Survival in the Wild and Extreme Situations. 100 key skills in the special services methodology.
Clint Emerson.

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