Orbit Hawk: Hi-tech flipper knife for EDC

Company “Hawk Knife Designs“Teamed up with Sergey Panchenko to create their first project in the field of high technologies – a knife Orbit hawk. Thanks to the stylish design from Panchenko and the unique Hawk locking mechanism, their joint creation has every chance to firmly establish itself in the segment of high-tech knives for EDC.

Grant and Gavin Hawke (father and son) in alliance with Sergey Panchenko seriously approached the issue of the distribution of responsibilities when working on Orbit hawk.

“I know about design – it’s pretty simple,” says Sergey, “but what’s really difficult is the locking mechanisms that the Hawk family is actively introducing into the knife industry!”

That is why Sergey actively took up the development of a unique design. Orbit hawk, and Hawks set about integrating their latest version of the lock into the knife body.

A little about the mechanism of Orbit Hawk

Hawk Lock locking mechanism was patented back in 2012.

“The fixing is very reliable and safe, especially compared to linear fixers, since you don’t need to place a finger in the blade’s motion path,” says Grant Hawk.

Other types of locks significantly limit the shape of the knife, since the handle must fully accommodate the blade. WITH Hawk lock All this is not necessary, which opens up a wide scope for creativity. As Gavin Hawke notices, their lock is perfect for flippers.

The last development of the Hawks is to combine in the body of two mechanisms – a stationary stopper and a special mechanism for dropping, allowing you to do it in one motion. The stopper prevents movement until a certain force is applied, but then it moves almost without resistance. (As I understand it, the blade has two stoppers — external and internal. Both are involved in the closed position, only the external one in the open position, since the internal one is displaced below the locking mechanism. And when the knife is closed, it doesn’t interact with the lock until the very last moment. and provides smoothness and lightness. – Ed.) And although it was quite difficult to do, the testers then compared their feelings from working with Orbit hawk using a revolver or a well-oiled rifle.

The task of Panchenko was to create an outstanding form for this mechanism. And he coped with this task – the unconventional bends of the knife and the special shape of the handle provide excellent grip, and a small bevel in the front allows you to use your thumb for greater control over the knife.

For the blade has been selected steel CTS-204P. According to Panchenko, such a blade shape is not just a fad, such a blade does the same thing as ordinary flipper blades, only better. They can open boxes, cut thick strings and strings, even for cutting products can be used.

Orbit hawk Available in several forms – the version from the Hawks is more diverse in terms of the choice of materials and finishes, and the Panchenko version is more sophisticated, stylized as antique and with his personal signature. All this costs starting at $ 450.

Here you also have a video in the topic.

A very free translation of the article Hawk Knives and Panchenko Collaborate on Orbit Hawk Lock Flipper

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