Organization of daily meals during the trip, meals at large and small huts, basic recommendations.

Two recommendations can be made regarding the organization of daytime meals in a camping trip, namely, meals at large and small rests. The first one. In the morning, while the breakfast water begins to boil, the kitchen attendant lays out all divisible products (sugar, crackers, sweets, sausages, cheese, etc.) equally. According to the rate established for the day. 

Organization of daily meals during the trip, meals at large and small huts, basic recommendations.

Before entering the route, the kitchen attendant distributes prepared foods for daytime meals at large and small rests to all participants in the trip in individual plastic bags. In any other convenient packaging or without packaging.

, halva and the like) in the required amount remain with the duty officer. He is responsible for filling thermoses with sweet drinks. At large halts, the attendant will open himself or distribute canned food (if the group is large). Then, in agreement with the travel leader, announces the rate of isothermal fluid consumption per person at this halt. At small breaks, tourists usually eat arbitrarily.

The second recommendation. In this case, foods intended for daytime meals at large and small halts are not divided in advance. At a large halt, tourists themselves take out products necessary for daytime food from their backpacks. Their list and quantity are called on duty. Then pass them on duty. Then he divides them according to the established norm. Then he distributes all the food to the participants of the trip.

In most cases, preference should still be given to the first recommendation. The manager should distribute thermoses so that each tourist gets the same rate of hot drink at large and small daily rests. Usually 3-4 people use one thermos. The weight of the filled thermos should immediately be taken into account by its owner.

Or these 3 people (including the owner) will organize alternate (for days) carrying a thermos. If there is only one thermos for a small group, then it is usually carried by the next person on duty in the kitchen. In the absence of thermoses in the group, boiling water for gas burners is arranged at the halts. Group or individual.

Based on materials from the book Homemade Travel Equipment.
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