Orientation by sound

First glance may seem boring. Despite the fact that it is not easy to shocking, it can be And you should not make such a surprised face. Well, gentlemen, survivors, ready? Then let’s go!

We will talk about the sound orientation. Burning life, car talk, dogs talk, dogs barking, crashing, music … But why can’t you hear anything here?

It is a calmer wave, it turns out that it is a calmer wave, it is a switch, a calmer wave,

But it is difficult to use it. The “radar” is capable of distinguishing not only sounds, but also not noises. This is an example of what sounds like no sounds and noises.

It is a fact that it is not a problem. Of course, factors such as terrain, terrain, and weather conditions affect our hearing. The best audibility is noted in a quiet, windless, slightly sunny weather, in a steppe, on a flat water surface, even during a nebula and in a mist.

In the bushes, in the forest, in the thick of loose snow, due to sound absorption, the audibility of several times. But the high sounds (mountain, hill, hollow, wall, etc.) are no longer sounds.

It is worth considering. It can be misleading about the sound source.

But at night, our organ of hearing is exacerbated. It is difficult to determine its location. It is worth noting that the best sound conductors are solid bodies, water and earth, but not air.

The following is a 10-point scale:

It can be attributed to the distance of its source. Orientation by sound is not replaceable if there are no landmarks on the ground. The water will be your best reference. Especially if you are traveling in the mountains.

It is important that you find where your source is. It is clear that there is a possibility that sound source on the map.

For comparison:

  • The speed of sound in the air – 330 m / s
  • The speed of sound in water – 1500 m / s
  • The speed of sound in steel – 5000 m / s

Find your right way out!

Orientation by sound

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