Orientation on the ground for natural objects

It is not only the use of the mother of the horizon. It is much less than the elementary astronomical methods of orientation.

Orientation on the terrain by plants


This is the case of the North-South path. It makes it possible to make it possible to navigate the terrain.

Tree bark

It is always darker and coarser. Of course, it’s almost perfect.

Take, for example, the trunk of a pine. After a shower, it begins to darken. And this phenomenon is always originates from the northern side. It is a secondary crust that has been developed.

It can be useful, no less. The main thing is to carefully determine the resin. This sign will point you southward.


Guide for the traveler. It is worth remembering to sprout from the north. If you start from natural natural objects (stones, stumps, trees), then But it keeps it greens and juiciness, of course, from the north.

Orientation on artificial objects: Prosek

Often, it’s possible to easily identify all four sides of the world. They are cut down in stationary mode from North to South and from West to East.

The territory is designated by a network of quarter pillars. They put their number on the top. Countdown from the north – west direction, from the last – the south – east direction.

It makes it possible to not only This method is very simple and convenient in practice.

If you follow the rules, it will be easy and pleasant.

Travel with pleasure!

Orientation on the ground for natural and artificial objects

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