Orienteering on a topographic map in motion by car or motorcycle, preparing a map, selecting and moving around landmarks.

Orientation using a topographic map in motion comes down to finding landmarks depicted on the map along the route of movement. However, focusing on driving a car has its own characteristics. 

Orienteering on a topographic map in motion by car or motorcycle, preparing a map, selecting and moving around landmarks.

Firstly, you cannot use a compass inside or near the machine. Secondly, the speed of movement creates inconvenience when compared with the map terrain. Finally, the visibility of the terrain is limited by car..

, by which the correctness of maintaining the direction of movement will be checked.

When choosing, their preference is given to individual details of the relief, as well as local objects that are slightly susceptible to change. Landmarks are selected both on the route itself and on the sides of the route at a distance at which you can clearly see them while driving. Landmarks are outlined on all turns of the route and on long straight sections.

If the terrain is half-closed and the movement will go along dirt roads, then the distance between landmarks should not exceed 1-3 kilometers. After that, the distance to the landmarks from the starting point is determined on an accrual basis (that is, such and such a landmark on such and such a kilometer, etc.) and is translated into the vehicle speedometer.

These distances are recommended to be signed on a topographic map. Prepared in this way, the map is folded “accordion” along the route for ease of use in movement. That is, bent along the length of the route several times and easily disclosed on any part of the route you need.

Orientation of a topographic map when driving a car or motorcycle.

The topographic map must be kept in front of itself in an always oriented position, that is, rotated along the axis of movement. If the movement is off-road, then the map is oriented according to distant landmarks.

Work on the route maintenance route is reduced to finding landmarks indicated on the map on the terrain and to sequential movement from one landmark to another. The presence of a speedometer on the machine makes it possible to take into account the distance traveled, which greatly facilitates the search for the planned landmarks on the ground.

Based on the book “Map and Compass My Friends”.
Klimenko A.I..

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