Orienteering – one & nbsp; to & nbsp; one & nbsp; with & nbsp; desert. Part & nbsp; one

No, this is not a blockbuster saga about the adventures of superheroes. In the desert, we’re talking about absolutely mundane things, namely how to get lost in the desert. We have repeatedly discussed the topic of orienteering, and today’s publication is no exception.

If there is nothing but sand, there is nothing but sand. Seriously, nothing at all … Everywhere you look, there are only sand dunes, ridges and dunes around. Not a single landmark around 100 km. It was a period of change. Scary, right?

Desert orentation

It should be noted that there is no need for a child to survive. Are you ready to plunge into adventure without serious consequences? Then let’s get started! Wash your mustache.

Looking north

The kingdom of the stars is the easiest way to calculate the north. It is worth remembering the following: The deviation of the Polar Star from the meridian in the southern latitudes is exactly 1 ° 30? How to correctly calculate the Polar Star, read the article. Orientation on terrain on celestial objects.

It will make it possible to make it a little bit different. There is no need for any material to make it possible to understand the operation of the device.

Place it in the center circle. It has been established that it’s been crossed before and after noon. There is a connection between the lines and the number of rings. The resulting line is indicative, indicating the North – South direction.

Gnomons are common for example in Armenia. Here you can often see well-hewn basalt or tuff poles several meters high, installed at crossroads, near temples, springs, in ancient squares of ancient villages. Gnomons are typical tools for measuring and determining latitude. One of them was recently discovered on the site of the pagan temple. Now it is installed on a pedestal near the same cathedral.

AT flat desert area The line is determined in two directions: sunrise and west of the sun. For 10 minutes, during the 10 minutes At sunset, point B is noted in the direction of its center. Point O is the midpoint of the BC line. If you’re looking at the angles between the magnetic meridian and the the direction to any object (azimuths).

What rocks say

This is far from the case. Wind has a destructive power, fragile sandy rocks. The winds are formed, which are often separated by sharp ridges. Thanks to these natural tags.

But the wind is not only destructive. He also doesn’t have any job with polishing rocks and stones. Rock bottom guide for the traveler.

Sand waves

The wind turns into frozen waves. The blown side of the wave is always flat, while the leeward side is more flat. This is a natural guideline for the wanderer.

Good sand clusters are good guides in the sandy desert. They are formed conceived near obstacles (boulders, bushes, various irregularities, etc.). For example, on your way met a lonely withered bush. Finding a skid near it (usually triangular in shape) along an elongated edge, you can easily find the direction of the world.

Do you want to travel? Then be sure you reach your goal.

That’s all. Sandstone prairies. See you again!

Orienteering &# 8212; one on one with the desert. Part 1

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