Original knives made from unexpected objects.

Eminent manufacturers of knives are actively trying to convince us that a good and original knife can only be made of high-quality steel, equipped with secret additives. This immediately gives +50 points of corrosion resistance, +100 points of strength and + 500 points of pathos and showing off. Well, that because of this, the price rises to breathtaking heights – this is so, the details. Collectors in any case will buy, otherwise what kind of collectors?

Just do not forget that the knife in the first place – the tool. Our ancestors made them from some kind of crappy iron, if not cast iron, but this did not prevent them from actively using such knives. Go to any cultural museum – and you will see knives with obvious signs of wear. Because knives need to work, but not g * ochit on the quality of steel and exquisite design, which to hell with you in life will be useful.

Seriously, knives can be made from any steel, even from one that has already been in business. Some blacksmiths manage to forge into fairly original knives things, originally having no relation to the concept of “weapon” and “knife”. And we will now show you the results of their work.

Knives forged from motorcycle and bicycle chains

Such knives look especially beautiful, only, due to the metal structure, they are not very reliable and durable. But coping with their tasks is still great.

Steel arms

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