Outfit of a tourist. Part 2: Another 10 high-tech innovations

This is a time frame for the continuation. So: the next 10 high-tech innovations!

Matador Pocket Blanket

If you are going to go on a picnic, then you can go to relax. It can be used as a rule. But the main feature of this thing is its compactness. Matrix Pocket Blankets weighs only 88 grams and when folded easily into a jeans pocket!

Fuloon Car Travel PVC Inflatable Bed

It is a passenger car. If you are caring for a car, it is often necessary to take care of your car. It turns out that it’s a little bit different.

Scrubba Wash Bag

During a long hike or trip, you will have to wash your things. You can, of course, do it in our river, as our ancestors did. It is much more convenient to use the Scrubba Wash Bag, which is a portable washing machine. Pour water inside, add a little detergent and shake it well and rumple it. Wash your skin clean.

Hydrapak’s Water Bottle

There may be enough water. It would be possible to keep Hydrapak’s Water Bottle, however it’s possible to keep it.

Inflatable solar lantern

The inflatable lamp. It is a solar battery that falls into the sun. Yes, he is not afraid of anything at all. Perhaps I would buy one.

Pocket Shower

If you take this uncomplicated device with you. It is a water bag. It will help you to adjust the water.

Kindle daypack

Imagine you are a radial raid on the outskirts. Go to see your sights. In all these situations, you need it. It can be used for a few days.

Firebox nano

Universal camping stove Firebox Nano gadget. It can be used for all types of fuel, including firewood.

Treo Camping Chair

This item may be useful, for example, anglers. It is a paramount of importance. The Treo Camping Chair is not up to 113 kg, but it is also extremely compact. It is a little moment.


If you’re feeling uncomfortable. Knees are moving apart, legs are disturbing. Designer Alejandro Aravena invented, I would like to say: “Yes, this is the obvious!” It’s a funk.

Bivouac equipment

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