Over-tactical backpack FAST Pack Litespeed

FAST Pack Litespeed – This is a backpack, which is a series of rolls. You can infinitely describe the properties of products Triple Aught Design. We will focus on the main, but … Everything is so cool! But let’s order.

General TTX backpack

FAST Pack Litespeed It is DRI-LEX made of new nylon material Cordura and mesh, which are made from the mesh. In addition, it can be a bit hot for lunch.

The size of the backpack is 25.40 cm wide, 50.80 cm long and 17.15 cm thick. Backpack has become shorter by 5 centimeters. For all types of figures. It also weighs not so much, considering its over-versatility: 1.72 kg, with a capacity of 22 liters. On the very first day of sale. The company promises to send another train of $ 245 per item. We suspect that linger on the shelves.

FAST Pack Litespeed Application

To begin with, the backpack fits all. A whole set of belts and clamps. Increasing the number of external backpacks has been added. It is a windbreaker. And the internal layout system allows you to create anything from a backpack. Backpack photographer with pockets for lenses? No problem. Container for standard camping equipment? As you wish. Analogue of a bottomless female handbag? No problem.

Wonderful backpack will be happy to accommodate you. Unless there can be problems if there is a beer cooler, a field defibrillator and a sweeter. These devices, in spite of their obvious benefits.

In general, the American product deserves applause and praise, and even a tactical salute in its honor.

We believe FAST Pack Litespeed need to take.

Backpacks and pouches

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