Overalls for hunting and fishing: functions, varieties and choices

Even going to the forest for a couple of hours to pick up mushrooms for fry or berries for a jar of jam, people dress so that it is comfortable and safe. And during fishing or hunting, which means not only being in the open air for a long time in not very favorable weather conditions, but also active exercise, hunting and fishing clothing comes in second place, after guns, ammunition, fishing rods, spinnings and other necessary tools.

working clothesWorkwear options for tourists, hunters and fishermen

  • Appointment of workwear
  • 2Types of workwear
  • 3Fishing clothing
  • 4 Overalls for hunting
  • 5Fabrics
  • 6 A few helpful tips

Appointment of workwear

Properly selected clothing for hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities should perform certain functions.

  • Disguise. The fact that hunting is one of the main requirements, no one will argue, but some species of fish can also be scared away by an inappropriate color spot on the shore.
  • Weatherproof. Not only precipitations of varying degrees of intensity are suitable for this concept, but also cold, penetrating wind.
  • Protection against insects. Long sitting in an ambush or on the beach in close proximity to the reeds – one of the most favorite mosquito breeding sites – may cause a lot of inconvenience.
  • Functionality. The presence of external and internal pockets and convenient clasps greatly simplify the transfer of some necessary things.
  • Noiselessness Along with masking is a very useful property. Any rustling and cracking, which is not in nature, will scare away any living creatures.

These are the basic functions that should not be neglected in any way. Otherwise, you can not only return home without trophies, but also with significantly shaky health.

Types of workwear

Working clothes for some types of professions require additional strength, durability, fire resistance and water resistance. All this can be transferred to the requirements for protective clothing for hunting and fishing. And if you are obliged to give working overalls for free at the enterprise, then going to the nature, you will have to choose yourself and not get lost, because there are not one or even two types of suits for outdoor activities.

First difference – This is a seasonal identity. They differ not only in bulkiness and linings, but also in the fabrics from which they are sewn. Winter overalls for hunting and fishing should have a top layer, impregnated with a special compound that protects from wind and wet. The jacket is elongated, with wristbands and a hood. Inside warm warm lining «breathing» materials. All this also applies to trousers.

Summer clothing should primarily ensure that dangerous insects, such as encephalitis mites, cannot penetrate. Fabric must also be «breathable», preventing excessive sweating. Design and colors depend on the area where you are going and how exactly you are going to hunt or fish.

Overalls for fishing

Fishing fishing discord. Fishing for float gear is not the same as fishing for spinning. Karpyatniki and donochnik most of the time sitting in one place, but those who want to take a trophy pike or a fanged perch, often pass more than one kilometer around the reservoir. In winter, on the ice, you will also have to run until you find a catchy place, and then the activity of the movements will be replaced by almost immobility.

overalls for summer fishingThe suit for summer fishing should be light and functional.

  • Summer fishing. Morning dews can be replaced by stupid heat for dinner, and by evening a strong thunderstorm will spill. Experienced fishermen take this into account. The suit should be light, it should not be cold in the wind and hot in the sun. For their tailoring is usually used mixed fabrics with breathable inserts. You can purchase a transforming costume that turns into shorts and a vest with a slight movement of the hand. For fishing fishing, when you need to go into the water knee-deep or even waist-high, it is recommended to buy a fishing semi-overalls, popularly called «brooks». It will not be superfluous to grab a raincoat with you, which you can take shelter from unexpected rain, or lay on wet ground.
  • Autumn fishing. All-season suits are sewn either from blended fabrics or polyester. They are more dense and have water and wind protection properties. May have a thin, pushing padding pad.
  • Winter fishing. Polyester fabrics, of which, in most cases, make overalls for winter fishing, can unpleasantly surprise, having died in hard frost. However, in most cases they cope with frosts down to -20 degrees rather well. If you dare to go to the pond when the thermometer shows a lower temperature, it is better to choose a suit with heaters like «Shelter».

clothes for winter fishingWarm overalls – best clothes for winter fishing

For the rest, the choice of costume depends on the area where you will fish, the openness of the reservoir to the winds and your own preferences.

Overalls for hunting

You can correctly choose overalls for hunting according to the same criteria described in the previous section. The only thing you need to pay special attention to. – it’s a disguise. Often for the hunter this feature of the suit comes to the fore. Merge with the surrounding area and at the same time do not make extra sounds when driving – the key to a good shot. Additional pockets should be designed in such a way that when walking in them nothing rang and bryakal, and the clothing itself should not rustle.

The next indicator should be convenience. When raising a gun to the shoulder, nothing should restrict movement, otherwise you can simply be late.

Naturally there are differences between seasonal types of hunting clothing. Summer costumes are lighter. In winter, lining is required from natural materials.


hunting outfitCostumes camouflage colors make hunters unobtrusive



Manufacturers of fishing and hunting clothes use several types of fabrics, each of which has its own distinctive properties.

• Duplex. Synthetic material with internal knitted coating.
• Rip-stop. Approximately 20% consists of organic cotton, 80% synthetic.
• Greta. The composition is exactly the same, but the percentage is changed in favor of increasing the cotton base.
• Fleece. Pile knitted fabric.

There are other varieties, and their choice is wide enough. So before you buy a suit, you should carefully examine the quality and properties of the material from which it is made.

Some useful tips

Going in the summer for hunting or fishing, in any case, do not forget the hat. Cap, baseball cap, hat. It is better that they are equipped with a mosquito net.

In the autumn the presence of a hood is just a must. It will cover not only from the rain, but also from the wind and from annoying insects, if they are still flying.

Neglecting thermal underwear, too, should not be, especially in winter. Modern manufacturers make it qualitatively from environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic materials. In the open space of a large lake, blown from all sides, or in a long ambush, it will help not to freeze.

With a huge choice, which provide us with specialty stores, choose clothing for fishing and hunting, by and large is not difficult. It is only necessary to approach this issue correctly and responsibly. And then the trophy fish will be surely hammered on the end of the line, and the game bag will never remain empty. And the pleasure of outdoor activities will be many times more.

The experts were the experts of the company. «HB-plus» — wholesale clothing store.

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