Overcoming mine blast barriers

Movement in mined areas

Armed conflicts take place is lit minami This is the time when the training is carried out. mine war.

When performing combat missions must be included scout miners, who have experience. It is advisable to be a miner in the head of the group. In addition, all team personnel must be trained to detect and overcome. stretch marks, know unmasking signs of mines and mined areas.

The movement “next to the next”. Equally important. In order to reduce the age of stretching If you’re walking or walking, you’ll be able to reach the ground vertically.

Conventionally, it’s divided into two levels: Along with the usual (horizontal), oblique extensions are also used, which complicates their detection. In this regard, it is important to carefully inspect the lower and upper levels.

AT mine blast barriers The combined installation method (the so-called “Streamers with a surprise”), therefore, when detecting mines and land mines, it is forbidden to neutralize them.

In the course of the study, he said:

  • Ticking
  • If you are looking at a stretch
  • A narrow strip of color draped over

Detected and tagged stretch costs extra precautions. Overcoming cost centers untrained personnel often leads to the undermining and death of people.

The rate of stretched mines

It can be used to detect stretch marks. The most effective use of twigs. For its manufacture, a straight, smooth serviceman. The thickness of the twig should not exceed 1 centimeter. A twig is a distance of 15 centimeters from the ground.

The movement is carried out smoothly and slow pace. It’s not a problem. It means that it’s not a problem. When rejecting the twig (meeting it with an obstacle), make sure there is no stretch. For your free hand, lightly contact with the obstacle.

In conditions when visual detection is difficult Cost center the following is the following:

  • It is a clear concept of the movement.
  • After checking the top level. Holding the twig in place

When detecting stretch marks

  • Keep it out of your hand.
  • It has already been found.
  • It has been decided that it should be noted that it has been the case.

Overcoming stretch marks

Go to her side and step over it. Particular attention should be paid to the delaying of socks.

It is carried out in the same way (with constant hand control). In this case, the elements of equipment, weapons and ammunition are not hooked.

Methods of training personnel

Classes overcome stretch marks held on a specially equipped site. The equipment is carried out from scrap materials (wooden stakes and twine). Distance of 4-5 meters between rows. Threads of twine are stretched between the rows of stakes. The number of marks is chosen arbitrarily. The level of stretch marks is different and should not be changed at each lesson.

Overcome stretch marks. In the future, the task becomes more difficult for the student:

  • Search and detection of stretch marks with a weapon;
  • Raid backpack;
  • Stretch marks blindfolded;
  • Conducting classes at night;
  • Application of the target sensor from MVE-72.

In the future mine blast barriers with training and imitation fuses.

Overcoming mine blast barriers

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