Overnight in the winter forest. Winter hike in the forest overnight without tent

In winter, the daytime is very short, therefore, when going fishing or hunting, as well as being in the forest in case of extreme need, you need to think about arranging the overnight stay. If in the summer there is no special difficulty in organizing an overnight place, in winter there are certain difficulties, especially in the absence of the necessary tools or a tent. If you plan to spend the night in the winter forest, you need to take care of the minimum equipment with important items: an ax, a knife or a hacksaw, a rope, a small shovel, and if possible take a sleeping bag or tent. It is not always possible to take a tent with you on a winter hike, while the overnight stay is organized using handy tools. It is also better to take with you a piece of polyethylene measuring 2×2 meters, a lantern, waterproof matches.

  • Overnight in a winter forest in a tent.
  • 2How to spend the night in the winter in the forest without a tent

Overnight in a winter forest in a tent.

Important when spending the night in a winter forest in a tent, as well as without it, is the right choice of place. The best place to sleep in the winter is a pine forest, a pine forest, because it is dry and its wide, thick branches protect it from strong winds. But do not put a tent on the unprepared land. First you need to tread a little ground where the night will be put, but not to allow too dense condition of the snow. At the bottom of the tent is necessary to lay a thick polyurethane mat that will save from the cold coming from the ground. If the tent is an ordinary tourist tent, then outside it should be covered with snow for additional thermal insulation. To ensure waterproofing, it is better to pre-cover it with a film. At the same time it is necessary to ensure that the metal frame is not damaged by the weight of snow. If the tent is winter, it is not necessary to warm it.

Overnight in the winter in the forest in a tent.

Overnight in the winter in the forest in a tent should preferably be with a sleeping bag. In a sleeping bag you need to fit without outerwear, best of all, if thermal underwear is worn. It allows the extra moisture to evaporate, which prevents the body from overcooling.

Under no circumstances should you bring open fire inside the tent. The place to spend the night in the woods in the winter is warmed up with a special closed gas burner or the stones heated inside the campfire are brought inside.

How to spend the night in the winter in the forest without a tent

If you gather in the forest with an overnight stay without a tent, you will need to build a reliable shelter from snow and wind. If the ambient temperature is not lower than 15 degrees, you can build an open one-sided canopy for a group of people or a snow trench for a single traveler.

For the device of a snow trench for one person will need 20 minutes. The snow is raked up to the ground, the lapnik keeps within a dense layer, then a rug and a sleeping bag. The sides of the snow are compacted. From above, the rope, clinging between two trees, is stretched, tarpaulin fabric or the same spruce branches are put on it, and the edges are covered with snow. Inside put a candle or a gas burner.

Overnight in the winter forestIf a fallen tree was not found, the canopy is mounted on tripods. To do this, tie two poles at a distance of 20-30 cm from the upper ends, and spread the lower ends to the sides. The pole is laid horizontally on the formed tripods, then a canopy is constructed similarly to that described above.

To spend the night in the winter in the forest, you must have a warming fire, which would be enough for the whole night. For this you need to build a taiga bonfire, which is called “Nodja”. It is necessary to kindle it about an hour before bedtime, so that it lasts until the morning. You should first clear the place under the fire from the snow and stock up on firewood. Nodia is located at a distance of 1.5 m from the shed to effectively heat a group of people. It consists of two or three logs burning along the entire length. They are located on top of each other, are held with the help of a peg driven in from the edges on both sides. To prevent the logs from leaving, wedges made from scrap materials are arranged under them. On the logs, grooves are carved into which burning coals for ignition of the entire length of firewood will be placed. First, the first two logs are lit at the base. After they break through the entire length, you can put a third one on top. A bonfire for cooking is usually made next to the nodieu.

Before the burning logs in the immediate vicinity of the overnight place under a canopy, you need to put another log – it will insure people against the accidental collapse of the pyramid of the nodi at night, and with it not so hot legs from the proximity of the fire. To sparks do not fall on clothes, you need something to hide during sleep.

Overnight in the woods in winterHow to spend the night with a group of people, if the frost is below 20 degrees? In this case, overnight in the woods in the winter is arranged with the help of a kind of igloo. A closed overnight facility reduces the risk of frostbite. But it can be built on the condition that the snow is thick enough to be able to cut the blocks or it is well packed. Blocks are put in an ascending spiral. The disadvantage of such shelter in the duration and complexity of construction. Simply dig a snow tunnel with a place to spend the night inside. For this, a channel is laid inside the snowdrift, and at the same time it is compacted, for example, with the help of a raincoat. In order to control the through drilling, branches are stuck on top of the snowdrift, reaching which you should stop. Inside the dome should be built to avoid collapse, and outside the snow should be smoothed to avoid dripping. More detailed instructions can be viewed on the video.

Thus, a winter hike into the forest with an overnight stay will turn into an adventure, not a survival test.

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