Overview lamp Surefire Sidekick

People fly so far hot! Overview on the new lamp from Surefire. Surefire released, SSD surveyed, I translated.

Suurefire sidekick

“Ultra-compact three-mode flashlight-keychain” SureFire Sidekick last month. And make a review.

Packaging Sidekick standard for lanterns from SureFire: It is a blister with a red background. The package includes the flashlight itself, a 6-inch USB charging cable and a key carabiner.

Sidekick is a three-mode flashlight, with modes of 5, 60 and 300 lumens. He has a wide beam “MaxVision” (Maximum Review – approx. Per.), The maximum range of 66 meters, built-in lithium-ion battery and a mini-USB port for charging. The maximum working time is 45 hours at 5 hours, 4 hours at 60 hours and 1.25 hours at 300 lumens. Since it’s a flashlight keychain, it can be hooked to the key ring.

Insofar as Sidekick designed for a flashlight keychain Suurefire – this Titan. Titan – This is an ultra-compact dual-mode flashlight, which is the “perfect flashlight keychain.” That model that we have, Titan-a, has modes for 15 and 125 lumens. Titan-b, also known as Titan plus, is a three-mode model with modes of 15, 75 and 300 lumens.

By comparing the two lanterns directly, you see that Sidekick definitely better in almost everything. Have Sidekick time limit is 45 hours, with Titan-A 8.5, and with Titan-B 6 hours. If you have a question of Sidekick it works for 1.25 hours at 300 lumens versus 50 minutes at 125 lumens for Titan-A and 1 hour at 300 lumens for Titan-B.

Sidekick comes with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery and USB charging. This battery is made of a battery with a similar form factor, but it doesn’t offer anything for charging. Also, despite the fact that the sidekick is about 2 times wider, it is 0.5 inches shorter than the Titan-A and 0.875 inches shorter than the Titan series. Well, it should be noted that the RRP is comparable to and less than the Titan-B.

Although Sidekick It is a large key chain. It’s not recommended that you make it to the manufacturer. And thereafter, with three modes, a maximum of 300 lumens, a range of 66 Sidekick This is a good choice for you every day. And since you are a lot of keys, it’s not.

We should also note that Sidekick sold exclusively on Amazon. On the one hand, it expands the audience, and on the other Suurefire Distributors and retailers with this great product.

Well, you can find it here.

Overview lamp Surefire Sidekick

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