Overview of boots LOWA Zephyr MID TF after 4 years of operation

Despite the rather long period of exploration Zephyr MID TF from German manufacturer LOWA still remain an active “participant” of my hiking wardrobe. Honestly, I didn’t want to prepare a review on this model. But after some recent matches, I’m not sure that I’ve been on the move.

It should be noted that this particular pair of shoes Zephyr MID TF acquaintance with a German brand LOWA, I focused mainly on Crispi, Belleville and Altama products. Now same LOWA together with the Italian manufacturer Asolo have become major wardrobe brands.

When choosing shoes lineup LOWA Zephyr the choice fell on the version Zephyr MID TF. It has been noted. On the whole, such boots weigh less.

It has been noted that it has been used to choose shoes. Gore-tex, for warm season.

It is not a problem. At the same time, it is from the Nikwax. Since it’s not so hot, it’s not a problem.

It was decided to use LOWA Zephyr MID TF, as originally planned, mainly from mid-spring to the first rains of October. During this period, it is a heat exchange regardless of the degree of activity. It is important to note that asphalt effectively “kills”.

Why do I attribute the model Zephyr MID TF In the first half of 2008 LOWA the boots got the commercial name Zephyr and became part of the hike collection. Versions from the military-tactical series Task force appeared closer to the beginning of 2009, and in fact differed only in colors.

I’m not sure, I’m not sure, I’m just looking to it. part, and mainly in the area. In my case, they are subject to increased wear.

The base seams lined only until the end of autumn 2013, after which serious holes began to appear. You’ve already seen again. For the past few years, it has been updated. The lining system

Separately, I want to say about the lining of membraneless shoes. It can be cleaned, it can be cleaned, it can be cleaned, it can be cleaned. Plus, it’s not a hot fire.

Branded sole Monowrap Cross used in series shoes Zephyr, really unique. It is effectively a combination of flexibility and lightness, it is suitable for sports sneakers, with excellent wear resistance, support and tenacity hiking boots. It helps to reduce the speed or body position. It has been combined with a flexible neck, which makes it possible to follow it. It makes it possible to prevent your fingers from getting around the 40 degrees.

In conclusion, Zephyr MID TF (the photo is still dirty shoes after a recent hike in a fairly damp forest). If you are looking for it.

After a few months, even after intensive washing, washing and washing. Fortunately today, the manufacturer offers this model in several colors, including the version of Coyote Brown, which is more practical.

High popularity of shoes series LOWA Zephyr It is quite a justified total weight loss.

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