Own security: how does self-defense begin?

Where does self-defense begin?

Someone will say – with a weapon.

It is always a good deal to keep up with the truth. Usually, but not always. It is a weapon for self intended defense purposes.

Therefore, it becomes a rule that person begins to trite. And then, of course, to tell everyone that: “cans of shit, injuries – shit, even a pistol of concealed carrying – and that shit”. After all, if citizen X failed to effectively apply all this, then no one will succeed.

Someone will say – self-defense begins with skills.

True truth – it can be knocked down with a single blow, even without a weapon. It’s possible that you will be useless. Very, you see, it is difficult. Or, even worse, you can’t become a aggressor. And under the law will judge you already. And a citizen

Someone will say – self-defense begins with a willingness to kill, if that.

True, because self-defense is not a “duel by the rules.” Either you win and stay alive and relatively whole, or not. And then how lucky. It is not necessary for any psychiatric psychologists.

In practice, there are more psychopaths than you think. And it is possible that you are one of them. Just in terms of survival, it is the psychopaths who usually give them.

Someone will say – with alertness.

The rules are very useful. That’s just what they need to automatism, so that they work. And it’s much more complicated than the rules of stimulus – reaction. And the classic triggers will not be seen until this moment.

Self-defense begins with the right mindset!

It doesn’t have to think technically. When adrenaline rises, the body is preparing to distribute / get lyuly. Yeah, all right, gentlemen theorists. You need to make it, but sensibly. And this is the most difficult.

It will be confused.

It’s not.

It is much more difficult to bring it up.

This is a combination of what is happening around. It is clear that it is a raging jerk. It is your dream of salvation. It is clear that there is no question.

It is a very effective way to analyze the situation and choose the most effective scenario.

Written under the same name from Wolf-Ops.

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