Pain in the field

It is up to you to be sure that you can get rid of it. Survivalist survivalist are limited to Analgin with Ketorol. Representations of the advanced survivor include knowledge of Novokain. Well, the “mega-super-experienced lifeguard-instructor” – and about narcotic analgesics.

You must be able to understand the painkillers are. Enough to read. Read, so on, speak, with knowledge. It’s a funeral challenge. . There is a chance that he will be able to make it in the field. kit.

How to remove the pain?

First, let’s decide what pain is? It protects the body from damage. You have already been taken away from your body, thereby preventing further damage. This is the protective reaction of pain.

But after the damaging factor, it has ceased to influence it. This is due to the fact that the inflammatory mediators began to stand out from the damaged tissues of the hand. It is necessary to ensure the healing process. The same thing happens with tooth extraction, with muscle inflammation, bruises, etc.

Thus, by acting on inflammatory mediators, we simultaneously act on pain.


Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

There is an extensive group of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for this effect (NSAIDs). They can be either anti-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory (Indomethacin, Diclofenac, Ibuprofen and Drew), or, mainly, by the analgesic effect (Ketonal, Ketorol, Celecoxib, etc.).

Everything NSAIDs This means that it can cause a process of ulcer formation, therefore it should not be used. Omeprazole. Some of the drugs affect the kidneys, and Analgin It’s not a problem.

Indomethacin, Diclofenac, Ibuprofen Preventive anti-inflammatory effects are used when there is a function, for example, inflammation of the joints, back pain, etc.

Drugs predominantly analgesic action – Ketonal, Ketorol, Celecoxib – used to relieve acute pain, for example, after tooth extraction in the postoperative period, etc.

Preparations are often used for light and moderate severity, often occurring pains, sometimes headache, with menstrual pains and no-spa, etc. Use drugs group NSAIDs, If you’re getting injured (for example, if you’re getting a leg in the forest), it’s not.

Narcotic analgesics

Narcotic analgesics (Morphine and Promedol last 6 hours, Fentanyl – 20 minutes). Anesthesia of the multiple life cycle of myocardial infarction, burn or of the traumatic disease. This is a narcotic analgesics program. Here I propose to dwell in more detail.

The most powerful narcotic analgesic is Fentanyl, ipod I have to perform artificial respiration.

Some respiratory depression is possible when using Morphine, but it is rarely administered intravenously with a bolus, unless it is in myocardial infarction (rapid administration without dilution). More often, morphine is administered intramuscularly in the postoperative period.

Part of the military first aid kits Procedureol administered subcutaneously or intramuscularly, and also

But the nausea will be followed by the narcotic analgesics, wherever you put them. It should be borne in mind, since it is a state of stunning, it has been a state of mind.

Development of addiction and addiction when using narcotic analgesics a long time. It will not be possible. Therefore, narcotic analgesics, in my opinion, is minimal.

It applies to Morphine and Mediola, bearing the name euphoria. In fact, it will have no time for euphoria. It is one of the best ways to get it. Simply drink vodka.

It is a fact that he has been a criminal lawyer. Therefore, if you’ve got a lid on it, then you can’t make it.

Local anesthetics

There are essential anesthetics (Novocain) and amide anesthetics (Lidocaine). The first cause of allergies, the second – no. There are also highly potent local anesthetics, such as bupivocaine and ropivocaine, which are used by anesthesia.

0.5% Novocain and 2% Lidocaine

Video traumatic or pain shock pathogenetic originates from the pain site. It was the outbreak of the system.

Therefore, it is possible to interrupt the development of a traumatic or painful shock.

To do this, it is enough to create an anesthetic pattern. If you are not a medical worker.

If you are going to get in the first place, you must first get ready to go. The blood vessel of the vascular bed Marcaine instantly causes cardiac arrest. As an example, did you feel dizzy after having undergone infiltration of anesthesia before tooth extraction? Some even fainted. This is a vascular reaction, not many people used to call this phenomenon. Therefore, make sure that the syringe.

About alternative methods of pain relief

The most ancient and reliable method of anesthesia is cold., but the truth is a short-term analgesic effect. Ice cube, hypothermic bags, or hot water. The pain will decrease, but will not disappear completely.

Special cooling sprays sprayed from cans are available. Their disadvantage is a short analgesic effect and a limited number of sprays.

The second method of pain relief is a tourniquet.. Compression of the nerve causes it to break down. However, limb due to irreversible ischemia of the compressed nerve.

How to relieve the pain. Give your injured limb stiffness.

Another method of pain relief is acupuncture. (acupuncture), you can hardly apply it.

What to put in the first aid kit?

Let’s return to the first-aid kit. I already wrote about local anesthetics – 0.5% Novocaine and 2% Lidocaine with syringes should be in any first aid kit. Of NSAIDs I would recommend to have Ketonal in ampoules of 100 mg, or Celecoxib in pills. If you often have a headache, it’s not a problem. When back pain is well established Meloxicam in a daily dose of 15 mg.

Now about what is not recommended

There is a drug designed to treat neuropathic pain which – Pregabalin (Lyrics). It is not a prescription.

Pregabalin There are no other painkillers on hand. If you manage any painkillers. It can be a problem.

Good luck! Do not be ill!

Pain in the field

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