Palantir: Intelligent Crime Prediction System

New Orleans. A small city in the United States, Louisiana. It was once even the center of the oil industry. It became one of Katrina’s “objects of attention”. It is not a thousand and a half people. Until recently.

Since 2012, the Central Intelligence Agency, has begun funding the project Palantir. Under the guise of charity, of course. It is possible that the project will be carried out in a complex and interconnected database.

Database created by experts from Palantir, really impressive. The collected information about any object. It goes without saying. And also: numbers of cars, bills, weapons. And all this is related. Undoubtedly, more abstract information, such as the hobby and animated object, can also be documented. They were arrested or not.

There is a firm belief in the CIA. The New Orleans, providing access to the “criminal” file of the city.

Say what you like, but it really helped, It was possible to make it possible to analyze the crime rate, provocation, and so on.

There is a chance that he will be on the other hand. After all, it’s not even hidden. Although it’s not clear that it’s not a matter of the police officers …

It’s not a problem. Palantir. Assistance in the investigation. Either everything is done again in secret

However, wait and see. In general, it is more than interesting. If new information becomes available, we will keep it posted.

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