Paracord Grenade: A Tool for Survival

Paracord Grenade: A Tool for Survival

Almost everyone has already heard of paracord bracelets as they have become not only a survival tool, but a fashion piece. These bracelets come in different designs, colors and styles, but the main purpose is to keep it safe in case of a dangerous situation.

With a paracord grenade, you have even more of that paracord to keep you safe when you need it. That’s because unlike a bracelet, a paracord grenade has more than just a string. It also has other important tools that you may need along with that rope.

Why do you want a paracord grenade?

A paracord grenade has approximately 20 feet of paracord with a value of 500 pounds, which is perfect for almost anything you need when you are in the desert. Now you can create a grenade that is a little smaller or even larger if you wish, but it is generally the best size because it is easy to transport but it also contains the items you want. After all, you need to maintain a decent balance or, you could put a string in a bag and transport it that way with your other tools.

Paracord Grenade: A Tool for Survival

The key of these grenades is that you can disarm them easily and then you have a long paracord as well as a carabiner and the tools that you have decided to put inside. The problem is that once you disarm it, you’ll have a good time trying to reassemble it, so you really do not want to unpack it until you’re ready to use the pieces (unless, of course, you do not). Have plenty of time to sit down and practice doing them for yourself and your family.

Tow what you want

There are several different ways in which you can use paracord to protect yourself in different ways. On the one hand, you can use it to drag objects behind your vehicle because a small piece of paracord is designed to carry up to 550 pounds on your own.

By doubling or tripling the paracord layers, you will increase the amount of weight you can pull and if you tie it to your vehicle, you can do whatever you need. If you do not have a vehicle, you can still pull as much weight as you need because the rope will definitely have more strength than you.

Hanging a bag of food

Use this to help keep your food in the trees, away from the hungry animals that might enter your camp in search of a bite to eat. Hanging the food will keep you much safer and make sure you do not lose any of those extremely important foods.

Paracord Grenade: A Tool for Survival

Even if you’re just camping for a bit of fun, you can keep your food away from the animals (and it’s good practice to always do so).

Repairing something broken

There are many times that a small rope can make a big difference in repairing something you need. With paracord you can repair things easily because it is easy to use as a complete cable or you can divide it into smaller threads that look more like a thread.

Those that you can also use as you want and you can sew clothes or even your family if necessary with the smaller pieces. That will definitely be important when you go out on your own.

Building a shelter

If you really need to do it on your own, you can build a shelter with the rope you have created. Now you really do not want to cut it unless absolutely necessary because you never know when a longer piece of rope will be useful, but when building a shelter you will need several lengths of rope to tie your corners or tarps or whatever you’re doing the shelter .

Make sure you have enough rope and only cut the amount needed for this type of project.

Create a trap

Getting your food will be one of the most important things while you are alone. Creating a trap can be a great way to get some food and create a sling or fishing tools with your line can also be an excellent way to use it.

Paracord Grenade: A Tool for Survival

You will need to remove internal threads to use in these aspects, but you can achieve a lot with these small pieces of string, so you do not need to get rid of them but keep reusing them for something different.

Make fire

If you need a fire (which probably will), you can use your paracord to create an arc exercise. Definitely, this is not the easiest way to start a fire, but it is a way you can work.

If you are planning this method and do not have things like coincidences in your survival package, you will definitely want to practice a lot before you leave, so be prepared and do not have to spend much time. Every night trying to make the process work, it’s not easy.

First aid

Paracord can do wonders for several different types of first aid. You can use it to create a stretcher or a tourniquet. You can even use it to create a splint or a sling. With the smallest strands inside the outer layer, you can even create a rope to sew wounds.

So even in your medical kit you’re going to want a paracord. Definitely, your uses will seem almost endless when you start to see all the things you can do with the whole strands or the individual strands inside.

What to put inside

There are several different things you can choose to put inside your paracord grenade. Because they are much larger than traditional bracelets (and, of course, they are round), you can fill them with all kinds of things that you may need and that you definitely want to have on hand at any time.

Paracord Grenade: A Tool for Survival

These will fit inside the base of the grenade and everything will be attached to one side with a carabiner so you never have to worry about what you did when you need to take something out or start building your camp.

Fishing team

Sure you can use the line as your fishing line, but you’ll need a bit more than a piece of string. So inside the pomegranate is a great place to store things like hooks, floats or weights. If you do not want to use your paracord as a fishing line, you can add a regular line roll inside and you can use it a bit more.

Of course, it will occupy space, so you must weigh your most important factors. The paracord will work after all.

Fire Starter

Once again, you have the option to use your paracord as a bow drill as we talked about earlier, but you will need a lot of practice to make that method work. With some fire starters, whether real matches or fire starters, you can make your fire much faster.

Paracord Grenade: A Tool for Survival

Just make sure you pack several of what you use, whether it’s coincidences or something else. You can not be stranded without them if you can help it. Then you may have to create that bow drill so you can get fire.

Needles and pins

You can use them to sew wounds or to fix anything that might break while traveling. After all, you can always use a needle because you never know, not even when the clothes will be torn. If you are trying to survive in the desert, you need that clothing to last as long as possible and that means being able to repair it.

You have the paracord that you can tear off by a rope, but that will not help you until you also have a needle to start sewing.

Small blade

You can choose a small pocket knife (very small) or a razor blade to place inside this grenade so that when it’s time to cut anything you’re ready. Whether you need to cut rags or small twigs to make a fire, you will definitely never want to be without some type of blade.

You need the sharp edge for several different tasks and, the moment you do not have that sharp object, it will definitely be the time when you need it. You never know what you might want after all.


This is what you will use to wrap your items so they do not fall off your grenade, but in reality it is quite useful by itself. You can use it to help you start fires, but also to create a signal (since the sheet reflects light) or to cook or almost anything else. You may be surprised at how much you can do with aluminum foil if you are really paying attention. Therefore, be sure not to toss it aside when you unwrap your package and start using the rest of the content.


No matter what is happening in the rest of the world, you will definitely want to make sure you always know where you are going and a compass will help you with that process. You can reorient yourself a little better when it comes to doing it, even if you do not move your grenade from the beginning.

Paracord Grenade: A Tool for Survival

So make sure you have something small but useful, because you never know when you will need it and you definitely do not want anything to happen to you. You may even want to wrap it carefully to make sure nothing will damage the magnetism inside the device.


You may want to be able to see where you are going when things start to get a bit difficult and a small flashlight will help you with that. You can wear it easily (although you’ll want to be careful with this in survival situations) and you can see how to set up camp even when it’s dark outside and you’re not sure of your surroundings or the area.

You will be able to stay in the right direction.

Water purifying tablets

You never know what the water will be like wherever you go and you still need to be able to drink it. That is why it will be important to have several of these tablets with you.

Paracord Grenade: A Tool for Survival

Of course you can take the time to boil the water and remove it from most toxins (but not all), but water purification tablets will definitely be much easier to place in the water (when you have larger amounts) and do Make sure it is safe for the whole family to drink.

Making a paracord grenade

Now, obviously, you can buy these grenades from anywhere and you can get them in different colors, sizes and with all the different elements inside. But if you really want to have complete control over your grenade, you definitely want to make sure you’re doing it yourself.

That way, just enter the things you need and you can skip any of the things you do not necessarily want to take. Not to mention that it can be much cheaper to make several of these for yourself instead of buying one for each member of the family.

The ingredients

You will need several pieces to make it work. First, obviously you need to have the paracord. You want to get a score of 550 pounds, so be sure to get the true paracord and not a string or other type of rope.

You also want to have a lot of that in order not to reach half of your grenade and realize that you must stop and start over with something new. At least 20 feet should be good depending on the amount of things you’re going to put inside.

Paracord Grenade: A Tool for Survival

Next, make sure you have a high-strength carabinier clip. You must be qualified to maintain a decent amount of weight (although it is up to you what that weight should be). You also want to make sure you have all the items you want to place in the grenade. Definitely you will not be able to disarm them easily and put them back together, so you want everything to be united from the beginning. If you want to practice doing some of them, that’s fine too, but you should take the time to create that grenade and then try to reassemble everything if you disarm it.

Step one

Take your paracord and duplicate it. You want to attach it to the carabiner clip with a lark head knot. That means that it takes the loop at the top and places it under the carabiner, then places the free threads on the carabiner and traverses it. You pull strong and now you’re ready to go.

Of course, you also need to prepare your supplies, so take a piece of aluminum foil and wrap it as tight as you can without breaking the paper. You want everything to be protected after all.

Second step

Place the wrapped pieces of aluminum foil under your carabiner on a table and start wrapping. You want to place the aluminum foil between the two cables so that the carabinier is at the top and a cable falls on each side.

Paracord Grenade: A Tool for Survival

Then you are going to use a cobra knot that quickly unfolds downwards. This is not going to make the most beautiful Paracord survival grenade, but it’s going to make one easy to separate when you’re ready to use it. If you want something a little more sophisticated, you’ll want to take a look at some other knots that can take you there.

As mentioned above, there are several grenades that you can buy and they vary in sizes and types. You can even find websites that allow you to customize (at least a little) the grenade you will receive. However, the best way to really get what you want is to make yours. Then start looking for your supplies and start with your paracord grenade now. You will definitely want it when the time comes to leave on your own in any kind of survival situation.

Useful tools

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