Parallel worlds

When I went to Donetsk there were photos before my eyes Grozny 95 years. I expected to see something very similar: ruins, fires, crowds in camouflage. It was a bit losing time. At first glance, the City was surprisingly lively, festive and rich. Beautiful girls, girls, girls, girls, women, girls, girls, girls There was no war.

If you’re a cold coffee: shouts, requires an administrator. Crying girl: “Make coffee and smile”.

This is a glossy routine, with boutiques and blueberry latte, are woven signs of war: it was crossed by a scotch tape, it was deaf But she is a brightly dressed baby who is sledding.

It was a bad day at the street. passers-by. In the House of Press, it says, The road to the Putilov Bridge, undermined by the militia, is blocked by an embankment: there are no people at all.

Next to me stops toned Priora. You can’t get a little bit more information: He brings me in, Repeats several times that people are already tired of war. In the front seat next to him – a fighter with a charged grenade launcher.

People are really tired of this. It is not at all. The interior of the interior ministries and the interior ministries are in parallel, without intersecting. The embroidered emblem of the 15th International Brigade, which adds something to the postmodern.

Parallel worlds

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