Paramilitary 3 from Spyderco – the best selling knife of 2017

Since the very moment when Spyderco confirmed the rumors about the release of a smaller version of their superpopular model Paramilitary 2, the hype around what was to become Paramilitary 3 practically did not stop. Seriously, the combination of all the strengths of the Para 2 – a strong but accurate blade, compression lock and the highest ergonomics, and even made in a pocket format that would be easier to carry around – all this was enough to wait did not die out over the years. And when the first models Paramilitary 3 appeared on sale, it became clear that they met the expectations placed on them. It is almost an exact copy of Para 2, only noticeably smaller. However, by simply reducing the size, everything was not over – a lot of work was done on adjusting the shape of the blade and the handle in order to adapt them to a smaller size.

Once Paramilitary 3 went on sale, Spyderco immediately launched a wide range of possible options for this knife. The list of current options includes a model with a fully serrated blade, with a partially serrated blade, with a darkened, as well as with different handle materials – G10 (fiberglass + epoxy under pressure) and carbon fiber, as well as various types of steel – S110V, Cru steel powder Wear and extra strong steel Maxamet. Some of these combinations are available when pre-ordering this 2017 best selling knife.

Actually, it is due to the large number of options, materials and color colors Paramilitary 3 and became the best-selling knife, according to the store And how much his popularity is deserved … What do you think?

If we talk about specific parameters, they are as follows:

  • Blade length: 3.0?
  • Length when closed: 4.27?
  • Length open: 7.27?
  • Cutting edge length: 2.63?
  • Blade thickness: 0.150?
  • Blade Material: Micro-Melt Maxamet
  • Blade profile: Clip Point
  • Clip: Removable. Top, bottom, under the right hand and under the left.
  • Locking mechanism: Compression
  • Weight: 3.0 oz

And video for a more complete understanding of the essence of the knife.

Steel arms

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