Parangatang – KA-BAR machete for uncompromising grinding

Company KA-BAR returned to business after a short break. This time they pleased us with a new knife. Parangatang, made according to the latest fashion knives for grinding. Designer – Steve Johnson of “Johnson adventure blades”, I tried to create a durable, powerful and balanced tool that can cope with a variety of tasks.

This unusual blade looks like it came to us from some remote corner of the world, and with its name it refers us to the traditional Malayan parangu knife. However, Steven Johnson of Nebraska, a native of the state of Nebraska, drew his inspiration not from something exotic, but from ordinary tools widely used on his home farm. part of the blade was used to clean surfaces of dirt, ”explains Johnson. On the other hand, such knives were practically useless away from the farm, as they coped rather poorly with other work. “Creating Parangatang, I wanted to create a convenient and multifunctional knife, which would not be very different from the hacks already familiar to me, but would be able to cut almost any material as easily as corncobs. ”

According to Johnson, the secret of convenience Parangatang lies in the ease of return. That is, that part of the movement, when the user returns the blade back to prepare the next swing. “If the front end is too heavy, it will put an extra load on the wrist, forearm and shoulder. And if the user has to work with such a tool for a long time, he will quickly get tired even of the simplest grinding. ”

Together with KA-BAR, Johnson created the knife, designed for long work, balanced in such a way as to facilitate the process of cutting. Despite 14 inches (35.5 cm) of 1095 high carbon steel, it weighs only 1.3 pounds (590 grams) and fits very well in your hand. (The total length of the knife is 19 inches).

The knife began to be issued in 2014, but pretty soon disappeared from sale. But Joseph Bradley from KA-BAR reported release Parangatang did not stop. “When demand exceeds supply, the goods disappear from the shelves – this is exactly what happened with Parangatang.” However, soon the knife should be on sale and will not disappear from the company’s catalogs. (Editor’s note. The cost of this beautiful machete is about 100 bucks on the manufacturer’s website. They did not lie about availability.)

And here’s a video showing the possibilities. Parangatang. Not to say that in the best way, but you can get some idea of ​​the possibilities of a knife.

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