Particularly secret abandoned objects of the USSR

After the collapse of the United States of America The most dangerous and secret objects were urgently mothballed and evacuated, while many others were simply abandoned. They simply couldn’t have been drawn. It is a kind of mecca for stalkers, “tourist” objects.

“Resident Evil”: a top-secret complex on the Renaissance island in the Aral Sea

During the Soviet era, the weapons of the Aral Sea. It was a service that made it possible to work out. On the island itself were located the equipment and equipment warehouses. Living conditions for living in complete autonomy. The island was carefully guarded by land and sea.

In 1992, the entire facility was urgently mothballed and abandoned by all civilians. For some time, he has been removed from the island. Of the dead bodies and their results.

Heavy-Duty Russian Woodpecker: Duga Radar, Pripyat

It has been established that it has been in the early 1990s. There was a trace of 150g of nuclear power plant.

The Russian Woodpecker received a name for its distinctive live sound produced during operation (knock). But it’s not a problem. The facility is a ceased operation after the explosion of the Chernobyl NPP.

Submarine shelter submarine: Balaclava, Crimea

According to knowledgeable people, it was a transit point, where it was a submarine, ammunition. It can be accommodated simultaneously for up to 14 submarines could be accommodated simultaneously under its arches. This military base was built in 1961 and abandoned in 1993, after which it was dismantled by local residents. In 2002, it was decided not to go further than the words. However, the local diggers willingly lead everyone there.

“Zone” in Latvian forests: Dvina rocket mine, Kekava, Latvia

The remains of the Dvina missile system. Built in 1964, the facility consisted of 4 launch shafts about 35 meters deep and underground bunkers. The stalker is not recommended. It is also dangerous to find out the poisonous rocket fuel – heptyl.

“The Lost World” in the Moscow Region: Lopatinsky Phosphate Mine

The Lopatinsky phosphate deposit 90 km from Moscow In the 30s of the last century, it was developed by the open method. At the Lopatinsky Quarter, it was a scrapping of all the other types of excavations. It was a giant development with its own railway. After 1993, the field was closed, leaving all the expensive imported special equipment.

Phosphate mining has led to the emergence of an incredible “unearthly” landscape. The long and deep troughs of the quarries are mostly flooded. They are interspersed with high sandy ridges, sandy fields, black backing, and sandy fields. Giant excavators – “abzetzer” resemble alien ships, rusting the sands in the open. This is a lively pilgrimage for tourists.

“Well to hell”: Kola ultradeep well, Murmansk region

The Kola ultradeep well is the deepest in the world. Its depth is 12.262 meters. Located in the Murmansk region, 10 kilometers west of the city Zapolyarny. For the Baltic Shield, it was a crack in the water. In the best years, 16 research laboratories operated at the Kola ultradeep well, they were personally supervised.

For example, it turned out that it’s been 1.5 million years earlier than expected. There are 14 species of petrified microorganisms that have been found for 2.7 billion years. In 2008, the object was abandoned, the equipment was dismantled, and the destruction of the building began.

As of 2010, the well is mothballed and gradually collapses. The cost of restoration is about one hundred million rubles. There are many words that can be seen.

“Russian HAARP” – multifunctional radio complex “Sura”

In the late 1970s, it was a multifunctional radio complex “Sura”, which was built in the area of ​​geophysical research, near the city of Vasil’sursk, Nizhny Novgorod region. The complex “Sura”, in addition to radars and radio transmitters, includes a laboratory system, a specialized transformer, electrical substation. Once classified station, it is a thoroughly rusted and battered station. It was noted that this was the case in the world.

Currently, the station is operated only for 2000 hours over the same period. There is no need for a lot of money for electricity. The complex is threatened not only by the money, but also by property theft. The metal scraper of the metal.

“Oil Stones” – Sea City of Oil Producers, Azerbaijan

The oldest oldest oil platforms. It was built in 1949, a stone ridge barely protruding on the sea surface. There are drilling rigs that are located. Heyday included a nineteen story story dormitories, a bakery, a lemonade shop, and a mosque with a regular mullah.

The length of the city reaches 350 kilometers. There has been a population of 2,000 people living there. The Siberian oil was lost, which made offshore production unprofitable. However, it wasn’t even been up to the ghost town.

Failed collider: abandoned particle accelerator, Protvino, Moscow region

Accelerator of elementary particles. It has been a complex development of physical education institutions, where scientists have been. A 21-km-long ring tunnel was built at a depth of 60 meters. He is still near Protvino. It’s a bit of a political upheavals struck, and the domestic hadron collider remained unmounted.

This is a ring road under the ground. There is a lighting system, there is a valid narrow-gauge railway. Hidden objects for commercial projects such as an underground amusement park, or even a farm for growing mushrooms. However, scientists have not hoped for the best.

Particularly secret objects of the USSR: abandoned or temporarily forgotten?

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