Passing trap on a beaver with his own hands

The beaver is a valuable trophy for any hunter thanks to its fur, meat and useful properties of its glands. Catching a beaver is not so easy, so the hunt for this animal is also of sports interest for many. A long period to date has been widespread hunting with the help of a trace trap for beaver. But, due to the inability or negligence of installation of self-breaking, a large number of breaks are committed. At present, the beaver trap is most often used. This type of catfish is more humane, as it kills the beast almost instantly, grabbing it by the neck and torso, excluding wounded animals. It is important that the installation of the trap was correct.

  • Passing trap on a beaver with his own hands
  • 2Installation of trap on beaver

Passing trap on a beaver with his own hands

Beaver trap

  • Beaver forage trails left by them to go to feeding places. Such trails are especially active by beavers in late autumn, when the animal stockpiles for the winter. Usually the feeding trails are very noticeable, that it is not difficult to place traps on them and catch prey.
  • Deep channels, built by beavers for passage to distant feeding places, to protect themselves from predators. The channels are very narrow for installation of foot-catching traps, therefore here only pass-throughs are used.
  • You can put a trap on the cliff – short paths from minks on the shore of the reservoir, but usually there are a lot of them, and the same beaver may visit very rarely.
  • It is also not always a good idea to install a scum at the hut, since it is not one, and the hut can be located very deep. It makes sense here to set a trap only in late autumn, when animals make forays to build a hut.

    installation of samolov at beaver's hut

  • Before you install the trap, you need to check its working capacity, sufficient tension of the springs, tightness of the arcs to each other. [/ Wpmfc_cab_ss]
    Unnecessarily tight springs at the most inopportune moment may burst. For the correct installation of the flow trap, it is necessary to clear the platform so that it is as stable as possible. If the installation is done on the channels, then you need to take into account its depth. If it exceeds 60-70 cm, you need to install two traps above each other. Traps and dams should be installed on both sides. In winter, traps are set on fences to approaches to the hut or underwater feed reserves, burrows, and also under the ice with bait.

    img title = “Passing trap on a beaver with his own hands” src = “~ images \ prohodnoj-kapkan-na-bobra-svoimi-rukami_5_1.jpg” width = “690” height = “319” alt = “Passing a trap on the beaver”

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